Setting up a home gym

Working out is extremely important and beneficial for your body and health. Most people go to the gym to workout. However, sometimes it is impossible to visit your gym. For example, the entire world is under lockdown due to COVID-19 or in normal circumstances, you do not have time. Then, you should exercise at your home. But this is easier said than done. Gyms have proper equipment while your home does not. Therefore, here is a guide for setting up a home gym. This also applies to people who moved recently. Until you wait for your Allstate moving and storage Maryland company to deliver your items, do some work. 

setting up a home gym to do yoga
Exercise is good for your body and overall health

Essential working out equipment when setting up a home gym 

First, let’s see the necessary equipment you might need to exercise. While you wait for movers Howard County MD to deliver your items, do some shopping.  

  • Exercise Mat – an exercise or yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment. It can be used for yoga, stretching exercise, abs workout, etc. If you plan to work out on a hard floor, then find a thick mat. You should feel comfortable while exercising. 
  • Resistance Bands – they are quite inexpensive, but perfect for lower-body exercises. 
  • Kettlebell – yet another essential and versatile piece of equipment for building up your strength. 
  • Medium-Weight Dumbbells – you cannot imagine working out without having a set of dumbbells. They are perfect for smaller muscle groups.  
  • Heavy Dumbbells – as the name suggests, heavy dumbbells present a bigger challenge. If you are just starting to exercise, then buy medium-weight dumbbells. Once you feel more confident, you can exercise with heavy dumbbells.  

Additional pieces of equipment 

When you are setting up a home gym, you do not have to only basic exercises. You can challenge yourself. For this feat, you will need more equipment. These would include the following. 

  • Adjustable Dumbbells – you cannot have too many sets of dumbbells. You can but adjustable ones as well. 
  • Light Dumbbells – perfect for adding resistance when exercising. In addition to this, they are quite cheap as well, you can find a set for $10 on Amazon. 
  •  Full-Length Mirror – some people like to monitor their progress and workout. For this reason, get a full-length mirror. You can use that same mirror for other purposes as well. 
  • Jump Rope – perfect for doing cardio at home.  
  • TRX straps – they are more expensive side since they cost $145, but many people enjoy working out with these straps. 
  • Gliding Discs and Stability Ball – a great bonus and a bit different from the usual exercises.  
Home workout gear
Get some dumbbells and jumping rope for your home gym

Where to set up your home gym? 

Find a corner or even one room where you can keep up your equipment. Set up your home gym the way you want it. You can also add a treadmill, one exercise bike, and other things that you want. It is very commendable that you want to exercise and buy these pieces of equipment so you can stay in perfect shape.