Should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes?

Plastic has been present for generations now, and in spite of how convenient it is to use it – it has brought more harm than good. The time needed for plastic to dissolve is incredibly long, which means that it will remain on the planet and pollute it for quite a while. So, the everlasting question in the moving industry remains – should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes? The best answer we can think of is – it depends. And it really depends on a number of factors. One thing is highly convenient while the other is very environment friendly. Sometimes one is completely necessary, and other times it is just a luxury. 

a green globe with a leaf
You can use plastic if you plan to recycle.

The basic idea is – don’t use plastic. It should be recycled, yes, and if you are able to have plastic bins that you continuously use – then it’s fine. So, let’s see whether moving companies in Maryland should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes. There is no right answer here, nor is there a wrong one. You just simply need to adapt to situations and see to make the most out of every single one.

Do I use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes? Well, it depends…

The choice of this primary moving tool depends on a number of things. Is it ok to use plastic bins? It is. However, it is not ok to throw them away after each move and purchase new ones. First of all, doing it this way is way more expensive than using anything else. Second, and more importantly, this way you are not helping the environment, slamming it with insane amounts of plastic. So, if you are okay to recycle and continuously reuse the same plastic bins, then both are ok. It’s just that not both are always applicable. So, how do you know whether you should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes?

a man holding boxes
Cardboard boxes can be great in certain situations.

The best thing you could do is trust your local movers Baltimore to make this decision or recommendation for you. If anyone will know how to make this decision it will be them. Still, even though you have professionals guarding your back, there are still some criteria you should be aware of. Two main factors that will dictate which type of container you will use are:

  1. Weather condition
  2. Type of belongings that are being packed

Knowing what you are packing, and under what circumstances, you will know which container is best suited to your needs. You can always go ahead and contact us and we can discuss your situation. Once we have a better understanding of your situation and what’s going on, we will be able to give some additional advice that could be of help.

Rainy and wet weather

If it’s rainy outside, or there’s a lot of snow and other water lurking about – cardboard boxes might not be the best choice. This is because cardboard boxes cannot be placed on the ground if there is any water around. The paper will get soaked and will soon after lose its integrity. The last thing you ever want happening is for a box full of valuables (or breakable things) to burst open midway towards the truck. This is possibly the biggest hazard and downside to using cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes become far superior in this instance, given that plastic doesn’t care whether if it’s dry or wet. In almost all other instances, it becomes irrelevant which you choose. Well, maybe not fully irrelevant, but there is far less chance that harm can come to anything.

Size and shape

If you are at a junction deciding whether to use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes, the size and shape might dictate plenty. Boxes and plastic bins come in many various shapes and sizes, and depending on what you have available might make your decision for you. For instance, if you have 10 different shapes of plastic bins, but only a few shapes of boxes available, your go-to decision will be in the plastic bins.

a plastic toy
Still, the situation itself will dictate what type of container you will use.

Basically, you have to see what you are packing (breakables, clothing, electronics, etc.) and based on it decide which container to go with. Cardboard boxes are cheaper than plastic bins, and cardboard boxes can even be found for free. This is why you should take everything that is not fragile and stuff it into boxes. For instance, clothing cannot break. This means that you can stuff your clothes into boxes, and pile up these boxes one on top of the other as much as you want. This will be cheaper, and it will be completely safe. However, when you start packing your dishes, for example, plastic bins might be the better choice.

So, should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes?

You have to assess your situation. Based on your needs you will know what the better choice is. Take into account the weather conditions, the distance you are traveling, the type of transportation you have and the fragility of the items you are moving. It is a big difference if you are moving plates or books. Each will need a different type of package. Rely on your moving professionals to help you make this decision. On the other hand, in some situations, these decisions will be made for you.

Be as it may unless you are doing a last-minute move, you will have time to plan and prepare. Use this time wisely and take into account all the factors that dictate your needs. This will give you plenty of time to also decide if you will use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes.