Special moving services that cost extra

So, you are moving and you want professional moving services Baltimore to make it easier. Although hiring professionals to help you with the move is a good way to have a good relocation experience, you have to know about the price of their services. Namely, every moving company has special moving services that cost extra. These services have the purpose of making the relocation process easier for you. However, they all have a price. In this article, we will discuss all the additional expenses you will encounter if you opt for some of the services from the moving company.

Special moving services that cost extra that you should be aware of

Before you start the moving process you should always calculate your moving budget. This budget can help you determine how far you can stretch regarding the additional services you might want to take. Namely, apart from moving and storage Baltimore, moving companies will gladly offer you a variety of services to aid you with relocation. These services have the purpose of aiding you with the moving process. However, they all have a price. Here is a list of some services you should calculate in your moving budget if you need additional help:

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Renting a storage unit
  • Relocation of special items
  • Additional expenses
a person paying anoter person for their services in the living room
Paying for an additional service can sometimes cost you less than fixing an item that is broken during transport

For instance, if this is your first time packing for the move and you want assistance, you can choose what service you want. This will help you move quickly but it will cost you more.

Packing and unpacking services

You can hire a relocation specialist to help you pack your home for the move. It is a good way to speed up the packing process. This is a service you should utilize if you have little to no experience with relocation and want to do it right. Although this task is quite easy, it can be very time-consuming. Moreover, when it comes to packing larger items you want to make sure it is done the proper way. For instance, you can get hurt if you try to do it yourself and if you break an item it will cost you even more.

a man putting tape on a moving box after packing as one of special moving services that cost extra
If you hire a professional to tightly pack your items you will reduce the chance of them suffering damage during transport

However, damaging an item can end up costing you more than hiring a professional to help you pack. This also applies to the unpacking process. You can opt for a professional to help you unpack as soon as you arrive in your new home.

Special moving services that cost extra – Renting a storage unit

A storage unit is a good place to store all of the items that you do not need at the moment. Moreover, it will help you declutter faster and allow you to focus on the more important parts of the relocation. They can offer a variety of conditions – from temperature control to providing conditions for special items that require a certain environment. Of course, this is something that will cost you extra. Namely, you will have two options when deciding to rent a storage unit. The first one is the short-term rent which will allow you to use the storage for a short period of time. The second one is the long-term rent which allows you to use the unit for a longer period of time. Depending on what you need you should evaluate how profitable this option is for you.

Relocation of special items

Relocating special items like different types of pianos and pool tables is something that will create the highest cost during relocation. Namely, these items will require special handling. Moreover, they will probably need disassembling and reassembling. These processes are a good way to create more space but will require special care. If you have items in your home that require special care we recommend choosing this type of service. It is the best way for you to preserve the condition of those items – as well as their functionality.

a black and white picture of a piano in the living room
Special items like pianos will require special handling and care during relocation

On the other hand, disassembling those items means you have to take care of all the little parts, bolts, and screws during the relocation process. If you lose any of those small items, you will not be able to assemble them again. So, if you want to avoid stress and secure the longevity of your items – consider hiring professionals to do it for you.

Additional costs

When talking about special moving services that cost extra we have to mention additional costs of the move. This usually applies to accessibility. Namely, you should make your items as accessible as possible for the moving company.  Especially if you are living inside a building instead of a home. Every time the moving company has to go up the stairs and carry the items downstairs will create additional costs. Moreover, if your home is not easily accessible you will pay extra for the trouble the movers go through. Make sure you prepare everything before the movers arrive so you can minimalize the cost of the move. If the movers have to use cranes, dollies, or straps you will be charged extra.

Just because something costs extra does not mean it is bad

Spending extra money on additional services that will preserve the overall condition of your items is not a bad thing. For instance, if you have a piano or a pool table you want to move, you should do it with precaution. The best way to do so is to hire a team of professionals that will help you maintain the condition of that item. Having additional services when you move will not only help you speed up the moving process. They will also aid you by lowering the risk of damage and potential financial loss. So, when you opt for a moving company calculate how well do special moving services that cost extra fit into your plans.

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