Storage Washington DC

Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is a professional company you can trust and rely on when moving and looking for some additional space. And when it comes to storage Washington DC – we got you covered! No matter what it is that you need, we can provide it for you. And at an affordable rate.

Storage Washington DC
Are you looking for storage units Washington DC? Because we can provide you with some!

Over the years, items of all kinds tend to accumulate in our home or office. Before you know it, you are surrounded by so much stuff some of which you don’t even know you have. Whether you are a passionate shopper or you have inherited a lot of stuff from someone, you know exactly what we are talking about. Eventually, you may need a storage facility for your belongings. This is when storage Washington DC comes in handy.

Storage units Washington DC make relocation much easier

When moving to a new address, temporary storage can be very useful. Even a small storage unit in Washington DC can do wonders. A good storage unit Washington DC can be of the essence for an organized move. 

  • In case you are relocating to a smaller space and you have not figured out what to do with the excess items, this is an ideal solution.
  • Also, if you have to empty your old place before the new one is ready, storage Washington DC can be a lifesaver.
  • And what if you need a place for your items before the buyer or charity organization can pick them up? The answer is the same! As you can see, a little extra space makes a big difference.
  • Home renovations take weeks, sometimes months to be completed and furniture can get in the way. Why not put it in a safe storage unit until the job is done?
A man installing wood floor tiles
Whether you are moving, renovating or just need additional space, storing your belongings can be necessary

Allstate Moving & Storage is worthy of your trust

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall victim to moving and storage scams these days. Stay away from fraudulent movers by choosing a company with an impeccable reputation. We are completely honest and reliable which our previous customers can confirm. Furthermore, we have all the required licenses to operate in this industry. This way, you can be sure that the storage services Washington DC that we provide meet all the industry requirements. 

We provide the best storage Washington DC solutions

In addition to professional packing, local and long distance moving services Washington, our company provides some of the best storage units Washington DC has to offer. Our storage facilities are safe and clean, which means your goods will stay intact. We provide convenient storage units of various sizes, depending on your needs, at affordable prices. With maximum security, easy access to your belongings, and a high level of hygiene, the storage units we offer meet the highest standards. When you come to pick them up, your belongings will look just like they did when you left them.

Affordability and quality can go hand in hand

But what if you can’t afford it? With us, you don’t have to worry about that. Just like all other moving services Washington DC that Allstate Moving & Storage provides, our storage services are reasonably priced. Get a free price estimate for all your moving needs and see for yourself! We do not rely on hidden costs and deceptive estimates to attract new customers. Expect nothing but fair prices accompanied by excellent service. 

A man holding dollar bills to pay for storage Washington DC
A  self-storage facility is a practical solution that does not have to cost a lot

Climate-controlled storage Washington DC

Some items are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Such items demand special attention in storage. If you are storing sensitive items, opt for climate-controlled storage Washington DC. In a climate-controlled unit, you’ll have an air conditioner, heater, humidifier and dehumidifier. These are some of the items you should keep in climate controlled storage units Washington DC:

Leather furniture

The swings of hot and cold can cause a lot of harm. If the temperature in your area changes drastically with the change of seasons, you need to protect your leather pieces of furniture. In addition, moisture can discolor the leather and cause mildew, which is why leather furniture should be stored in a climate controlled unit even if the temperature does not change drastically.

Wooden furniture

Every household has tables, chairs, bed frames, closets, dressers, etc.  Wood can crack, warp, or rot due to moisture. The best way to protect your wooden pieces is getting a climate controlled unit, as it controls both the temperature and the level of humidity.

Household appliances and electronics

Extremely high or low temperatures may cause permanent damage to your appliances. In a climate controlled unit, your appliances won’t crack nor rust. Mold and mildew won’t build up inside either. Items like washers, dryers, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and refrigerators will be perfectly safe on our storage facilities.

Extreme temperatures and drastic changes can damage electronics, too. TVs, computers and recording equipment can become useless in a standard storage unit over a longer period of time.

A man's hands tying on a laptop, a phone, a mug and a notebook on the same desk
If you are in need of storage Washington DC, contact us and get a free estimate


Mold and mildew pose a huge threat to your clothing in storage. In addition to climate control, plastic storage bins will prevent moisture from reaching your clothes, thus keeping the fabrics dry.

Musical instruments

Percussion, woodwind, brass, strings – there are many types of musical instruments, but they all have one thing in common: they all need special care due to their sensitivity. Temperature and climate control are a must when storing the materials most musical instruments are made of.

Special collections

People collect all sorts of things – coins, stamps, wine, books. The ones that we mentioned are particularly sensitive and require a climate-controlled environment. Your collection may be more valuable than any other item you own. Investing in temperature and humidity control will help you preserve your special collection.

Artwork and art supplies

Of course, artwork needs temperature and humidity control, too. As you know, artwork is so hard to produce and easy to ruin. For example, some types of paint simply melt at high temperatures. Also, when photos are stacked on top of each other, the prints might blend together and deteriorate. UV exposure and moisture can severely damage craft supplies and equipment.

Business documents and inventory 

Companies with a lot of documents to file and store should invest in climate-controlled storage units Washington DC. Otherwise, the documents can fade, discolor or dissolve due to moisture.

Contact our company and ensure the best storage Washington DC has to offer

All you have to do is to get in touch with our Allstate moving and storage team. We will take care of everything else. Quickly and efficiently. Just the way you need things to be. So, wait no more and give our storage professionals a call today! Because – the sooner we start the better!

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