The benefits of moving to suburbs

So, you want to move to a new city but have still not decided whether you should live in the city or in the suburbs. Both sides have their own benefits and it all depends on what you want. If you want to live a fast-paced life in close proximity to your workplace, then you should opt to live in the city. However, if you value peace and tranquility more than being close to your work, then the suburbs are the right decision for you. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of benefits of moving to suburbs. You can apply these even if you are moving locally, from downtown to the suburbs. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

One of the benefits of moving to suburbs is more space

Just what the title says. Space is one of the biggest advantages of living in the suburbs. Especially if you are moving with your family. You will have a lot of space for your kids to play and grow up. You will also have space for your barbecue parties and maybe you can even build a pool. Your family is going to love living in the suburbs! This is a big contrast compared to life in the city. The closer the proximity to downtown, the smaller your apartment or house is going to be. You do not want your family to live in a cramped apartment which is by the way, more expensive, just so you can be a bit closer to your workplace.

Peace is one of the benefits of moving to suburbs
The suburbs are much more peaceful than the city

In addition to being more spacious, suburban homes are cheaper. You get better square footage for a smaller price. If you are looking for an affordable family house, look for property in the suburbs. You can get a cheaper house by more than $100.000! Pair that up with more space and you have yourself a clear decision!

It is less crowded

Another one of the top benefits of moving to suburbs. Your long distance movers Virginia will also tell you that it is much more peaceful and quiet in the suburbs. They love moving people out of downtown and into the suburbs because they know that the family that is moving is going to have a much easier and peaceful life. However, you will have to commute a bit farther if you decide to do so. Peace and tranquility have their price.

But it is worthwhile because you will be able to have a good night sleep before each workday. There will be no traffic noises and people chatter coming from down the street. In addition, let us look at it from a statistics perspective. For example, the population density in Houston is 3,737 people per square mile. Compare that to an average suburban population density of 1,477 people per square mile. It is astonishingly lower!

Another one of the benefits of moving to suburbs is that there are better schools there

In addition to fewer people living there and more space for your everyday life, there are much better options when it comes to schools. Your kids need to go to a good school because education is one of the best things you can provide for them. Statistics say that schools in the suburbs are much higher rated than schools in the city. This is one of the more important benefits of moving to suburbs, so, if you value your children’s education, call your movers Annapolis, and book the move to your new suburban home!

suburban home
You will also have more privacy

More privacy in the suburbs

When you live in the suburbs, you will definitely have more privacy. This is because there is much more space and much fewer people around. You will be able to have your barbecue party with your friends without any neighbors complaining. Imagine having a party in an apartment in the city. Constant complaining from the neighbors, banging their broomsticks on the ceiling. And when they realize that it is to no avail, they would call the police and you a fine. In the suburbs, you will not have problems such as these. Your kids may even start a band and have rehearsals in the garage. The only people they may disturb is you! So, one of the top benefits of moving to suburbs is more privacy to do the things you love.

There is far more nature in the suburbs

When you get tired of living in a concrete jungle that is the city, moving to the suburbs can be the thing you need to satisfy your urges for nature. You will most probably have a tree in front of your house and lines of trees along the whole street. In addition, there are probably many more parks in the area than compared to the city. In addition, if your suburb is near a forest you can have camping trips whenever you feel like it. No need to travel from the city to get a piece of nature!

nautre in the suburbs
There is a lot more nature in the suburbs

The suburbs are far safer than the city which is one of the great benefits of moving to suburbs

You have probably guessed this already. The peace and tranquility of suburbs can also be seen through the low crime rates. If you have a family, this should be of utmost importance. The city is known for having higher crime rates and a higher possibility to get mugged. You want your children to grow up in a safe environment. So, getting a house in the suburbs important if you want your family to feel safe.


So, we have talked about the benefits of moving to suburbs. We certainly hope that this article was helpful. If you need reassurance that moving to the suburbs is a great idea, feel free to read the article again. Many people report having happier lives since they left the city and moved to the suburbs. With all that said, good luck and have fun while moving to your new dream suburban home!