The best ways to label moving boxes

The time for moving is here. You must prepare and organize many stages in order to succeed. The packing process is what will take most of your time. If not done right you can end up with a lot of damaged belongings. Moreover, how you label moving boxes is equally important. It will raise awareness and reduce the chance of damages significantly. So, you can purchase moving services Baltimore and let your movers take care of this moving step. Or you can organize and pack, label, and prepare everything yourself. Let us show you how.

Gather tools you need to label moving boxes

Next to the moving boxes, packing tapes, blister packs, and cushions, you’ll need labels and markers as well. There are lower and higher-quality ones. Of course, they can vary in price and you should think about it if you want to save money on packing supplies. Furthermore, it does not matter if you are using cardboard boxes, plastic bins, metal containers, or wooden crates. There is a labeling system for all those situations.

These are the essential materials you need for all labeling methods:

  • Markers – We suggest using darker colors to label moving boxes. Although, if you are moving while snowing and raining you should use permanent and waterproof markers. Just keep in mind that you can write on cardboard that you can throw away later. But do not use permanent markers on containers you want to use for something else later on.
  • Labels – This is an easy part. It comes to what you prefer and what is easier for you. You can buy labels from your moving company as a part of a packing service. Or you can visit your local hardware store and get what you need. Finally, the easiest way is to download and print already pre-set labels that you only need to fill. Use sticking paper to apply them easier. Furthermore, probably the easiest solution is to buy moving boxes that have printed labels on them already. This makes things much more convenient.
  • Colored strings, ropes, and tapes – This is purely optional but many people use this method. Use colored tape or some kind of string to mark your boxes. It can mean that they are from the same room, or they contain similar items, etc. Just another lucrative marking method.
You can create your own set of labels. Be creative and use your imagination.

We must point out that the whole packing and labeling process is highly stressful, time-consuming, and tiring. Consider checking moving and storage Baltimore as an ultimate moving solution. Let professional movers handle all stages of your move. Safe, easy, and cheap. Think about it.

Color coding is the way to go

Probably the easiest labeling system is color-coding. It is more than simple. Make an inventory list and colors to match each room you pack. Or, while you pack clothes for moving, you can gather all the clothes and shoes and label them with a certain color. Both systems are good, but a simple one where you mark a room with a certain color is the easiest and most utilized. Use colors like blue, green, red, black, etc. Stay away from bright colors like pink, yellow, and certainly not white. The goal is to make it all more visible. And one more thing, when you arrive at your new address, label each door with appropriate colors. Your movers will appreciate and carry boxes to the color designated rooms.

Sticky notes can be used to label moving boxes
You can use color-coded sticky notes to label your boxes as well. Be sure to apply tape over them.

Label moving boxes with numbers

To label moving boxes with numbers might be a bit more complicated, but only if you wish it for. You can make a shortlist of all rooms from your home and mark them by numbers. Then simply write a big number with a dark marker on the top of the box and you are done. On the other hand, you can take this system more seriously. Each number will match a box. Next to the number, you should write down the detailed content of the box. This way you’ll know exactly where your belongings are. This can make your unpacking a living hell and the slowest unpacking possible. Or if you are patient and thorough, the most organized and safest unpacking in history.

It is up to you which method you use, but do not forget to write the number on the top of the box, while at the same time the name of the room on each box side. This is important because your movers do not know what a number means.

What is your labeling method?

Whatever labeling method you choose, do not forget to apply a few more steps to secure your cargo. Firstly, use your markers adequately. Write on each side of the box the room or content. Use darker colors to improve visibility. Also, if your boxes hold fragile items, use the wording “FRAGILE or “HANDLE WITH CARE”. Or choose a word that you think is more appropriate. But be sure that your movers are aware of the delicate content inside. And finally, before applying labels to your boxes, use packing tape and apply labels over it. This will prevent the label from falling off. You can also apply another layer of packing tape over the label, as long as this tape is see-through.

Plastic bin
Maybe plastic moving bins are the solution for you. Each bin provides better protection and they are a good long-term investment.

Who will transport your cargo?

No matter how you pack, if you choose the wrong moving company, all can go in vain. It is important that you pack, label, and do your part. But to have a reliable and knowledgeable moving team alongside you is a must. Therefore, conduct a proper search online and find your movers. Be sure not to choose the first ones you find, but rather compare them in detail. Compare prices, services, availability, and if they possess licenses and equipment. Read a few previous customer experiences and comments to be sure that they treat their customers adequately. It is important who carries your belongings. And that is why we will recommend checking moving companies Anne Arundel county MD and you will find what you seek. Contact your movers today and secure moving expertise, knowledge, and experience. The best moving service is waiting for you.

This was it, now you know the best ways to label moving boxes. Do not worry, as long as you have your packing and unpacking checklist with you, you’ll be fine. Follow the guidance we provided and stay safe. Good luck with your relocation.

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