The challenges of moving locally in Washington

Moving is an endeavor that everybody sees in a different light. And it is normal because everybody is different. Some people are excited about moving and experiencing new adventures while others dread leaving their comfort zone. But sometimes people have to move, for various reasons. And in most cases, moving is something that people do for good reasons, like job promotions or getting married. Whatever your reason for moving, we recommend hiring Allstate Moving and Storage to help you. When moving locally, people think that there is no preparation needed. And this is a huge mistake. Even though the short distance makes it a bit easier, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are quite a few challenges of moving locally in Washington. In this guide, we will list them and show you how to avoid them.

What are the challenges of moving locally in Washington?

People will often fall into the trap of thinking it is easy because they are moving locally in Washington. A move is a move, no matter where you are going. The main challenges that you might face are:

  • You won’t declutter as much
  • It might make you think there is no preparation needed
  • You won’t enjoy the new area as much
  • Making new friends can be difficult
  • The excitement of moving fades faster
  • Hiring the right moving services

You can face these challenges when moving long distances too, but they are much more pronounced during a move with some local mover Washington DC. Avoiding these challenges can be easier if you know what they are, so keep on reading.

Person making a checklist between cardboard boxes when moving locally in Washington
There are a lot of challenges you can face during a move

You won’t declutter as much

When moving locally in Washington, you won’t declutter as much as when moving with some long distance movers Washington DC. Why do you ask? Local movers charge a fixed hourly rate, while long distance movers charge by the distance and the number of items that need to be transported. You will be much more motivated to declutter and get rid of things when you can save money in the process. If you manage to sell some items, you can even make some money while decluttering.

It might make you think there is no preparation needed

As we stated before, people think that moving locally is easier because of the distance. But even if you are moving a short distance, you still need to pack everything up, get it in the moving van or hire some storage units Washington DC and unpack everything afterward. The most dreaded tasks of moving still stay the same. And when there is no preparation, mistakes are bound to happen. To avoid stress, dedicate some time to properly preparing and making a plan. Plan out the packing process, which packing supplies you need, whether you will hire movers or not, etc. There are plenty of things to think about, so give all of them a thought.

You won’t enjoy the new area as much

If you moved to a place that is close to your hometown, you will always go back to the things familiar to you. Was there a cafe that you enjoyed going to that is close to your old home? Chances are that you will be going back to it because you are still close and miss something familiar. Even though there is nothing wrong with this, it will hinder you from meeting new places and new people. Get out there and explore all the new things around you. And who knows, maybe you will grow to like another Caffe more than you did the old one.

Woman taking a picture with a camera from a balcony
When moving locally, you won’t enjoy the new area as much

Making new friends can be difficult when moving locally in Washington

This point continues onto the previous one. There is nothing wrong with seeing your old friends, it is great to keep old friendships alive! But making new friends will make you happier. Humans are social beings, so you can only benefit from more friends. And meeting new people will make you feel better about your relocation, and they can show you amazing new places around your new home.

The excitement of moving fades faster

Moving to a new neighborhood will give you only one new block to explore. If you lived in a small city, you might even already know it. Now imagine moving to a whole new city. There are many more things to explore in a place you don’t know. And naturally, you will be more excited to walk to a completely unknown city for the first time. That’s why the excitement about moving locally in Washington can fade faster.

Hiring the right moving services

If you don’t plan to ask your friends to help you move, then you should hire professional help. Moving completely by yourself, even if it is locally, is difficult and you should not attempt it. Even though movers can be pricy, they are worth it. You can entrust that they will assist you through the whole process and take great care of your things. The question is now, how are you supposed to find the right movers? Finding reputable movers can be tricky with so many scammers existing. The things you can do to ensure that you will hire good movers are:

  1. Research the mover thoroughly – spend some time on their site and look for a license and insurance. Most scammers won’t have this displayed on their site, and most of them don’t even have their site! You can also check how the movers treat their customers by reading reviews. Even if there are bad reviews, pay attention to how they tried to solve the problem.
  2. Get the estimates from several companies – a good rule of thumb is to get at least three estimates. This way you will be able to compare their prices and your general impression of them. And don’t accept any other way of getting an estimate, just ask them to do it in person. It is the most realistic way to determine how much your move will cost since they will see what needs to be moved.
Person signing a contract
Hiring reputable movers can also be a challenge

The challenges of moving locally in Washington – conclusion

Even though you plan on moving locally in Washington, you can still face quite a few challenges. But preparation is key, like for every move. Give yourself enough time to think about everything and your move will be a breeze. If you need any help, know that we are always happy to help you start a new chapter of your life in a new place, so contact us. We wish you good luck and success!

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