The most common self-storage problems

Space is one of the most important things in the United States. Americans seem to love huge houses with tons of storage space. However, personal belongings quickly eat up your space. Then, you are left with a problem. This is easily solved with the storage unit. Storage facilities are one of the fast-growing industries in the US. There are more than 52,500 storage facilities in the US, one of the highest in the whole world. However, before you jump into renting one, here are the most common self-storage problems and how to avoid/solve them. The most common reasons for renting a storage unit would be the following:

  • Marriage – two families becoming one 
  • Divorce – the opposite of the first reason 
  • Decluttering purposes – when retiring, kids leaving the house, etc. 
  • College – when students have to move out during the summer 
  • Military deployment – especially for the short time 

Financial troubles as self-storage problems

The first problem is about money. Storage units might not be as cheap as you expect them to be. Of course, the price depends on the size and additional features. You can always ask your local movers Virginia for recommendations for affordable storage facilities. However, if you are not moving, you are left to figure out the price on your own. Generally, the monthly rent is between $60-$100 for a small unit. This is a pretty small unit, coming at 5’ x 5’. If you cannot imagine the size, this would be a small walking in closet. You cannot put many things inside. Seasonal clothing and items would fit perfectly. Now, it is time to do the Math. Do you think it is worth to pay for a small walk-in closet $720 a year? Think about it.  

clothes in a closet
The smallest unit is the size of a walk-in closet

 Security problems  

It is extremely important to find a storage facility that offers the best possible security. You will store your items in their unit. This is especially important when storing valuable items. They are probably hard to replace due to their sentimental or material value. For this reason, a good storage facility should have a solid structure of units, 24/7 surveillance, a guard, a fence around the facility, lights that cover all the facility, and etc. If something is amiss, you should ask the employees why. The storage facility might be experiencing a problem at the moment. In addition to this, you can make your unit safe. For example, you can buy a better lock. If you are planning to rent a climate-controlled unit, then make sure everything functions well. This type of storage is more expensive. Therefore, you have the right to demand better conditions.  

Self-storage problems – Inconvenient access  

The price of a storage unit is important. However, think about the accessibility of the same. It is not the same if you rent a storage unit in your neighborhood, or a one-hour drive away from you. The differences in unit prices are not that big. Spending money on gas and wasting your time to reach your unit will cover the difference between two storage facilities. For this reason, make sure to find Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland near you. This is especially important if you plan to visit your storage often. Do not waste your time on commuting and money on the gas when you can find storage near you. You can avoid driving in horrible weather or being stuck in heavy traffic. Lastly, see if you can access your storage unit 24/7. 

traffic jam during the day
Don’t get stuck in a traffic jam because you rented a unit that is far away

Decluttering problems 

As mentioned, storing valuable items is stressful. You should get proper insurance in case something happens. However, what if your items are not that valuable? Is it then worth it to spend so much money on storing every day easily replaceable items? Again, you can do the Math. Generally, you will spend around $1000 to $1500 annually. If the value of your items is less than the price of the storage unit, is it worth it to rent it? The answer depends on your opinion. However, rather than spending money, you can declutter your home if this is your primary reason for renting storage. You can organize a garage sale and earn some money in the process. In addition to this, you can sell your items online if this option is more convenient for you. Lastly, you can always donate.  

Humidity, pests, and lack of space as the most common self-storage problems 

Let’s combine these self-storage problems into one list. 

  • Pests invasion – as their suggest pests are here to pester you. The Self Storage Association states that one out of ten households rents a storage unit. Can you imagine what happens when pests destroy their items? The worst possible scenario. You can avoid this by cleaning your storage regularly, using dry sheets, or getting help from professionals.  
  • The lack of space – you are renting a storage unit to gain space. However, if you keep bringing more items, you will end up with no space in a short span. Renting a bigger unit means spending more money. It would be better to sell or donate some items instead. 
  • Humidity – probably one of the biggest problems. High humidity will cause damage to the majority of your items. Rent a climate-controlled unit.  
avoid the most common self-storage problems by cleaning your unit with pink gloves
You should clean your unit regularly

It is stressful to rent a storage unit 

Renting a storage unit is great. It has many benefits, mostly you will get much-needed space. However, it can be quite stressful to store valuable items. You never know if they can get damaged or even stolen. In addition to this, you should pay frequent visits to your storage unit. This means cleaning regularly. For people who are always busy, renting a unit is not the best solution. Then, you always have to think about paying your rent on time. If you forget, your items can be sold at an auction. Since you do not need additional stress, unlike additional space, you should declutter your home. Selling, donating, and simply throwing away your unnecessary items will solve your problem. 

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