The most inspirational moving day playlist

Moving is at the top of the list of the stressful events that occur in one’s lifetime. Relocating to another place takes time to plan and organize and it really doesn’t allow much time for fun. However, we at Allstate Moving and Storage know how to make it more entertaining. For that reason, we’ve decided to share our inspirational moving day playlist. There’s nothing better for making you feel happy and energetic than some good music.

The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

This is the best song to start off your moving day. It’s happy and upbeat so it should keep your head upright from the start.  We know how much a good song can make you move quicker and create a feeling of motivation. Even our local movers like to jam to this beat and feel like a move is off to a good start when they hear it. Just remember that you also need to start packing and dancing is encouraged but only while working hard.

Girls playing the guitar
Listening to your favorite songs when moving can lower your stress level

David Bowie – Changes

When you’re moving you’re inevitably going to face changes. For that reason, this song is perfect for your playlist. It might not be a beat you can dance to but it definitely makes you think. David Bowie is an absolute legend of the music industry so he definitely deserves a place on our playlist. We can only hope that our long-distance movers will be as successful in relocating you as he was at singing.

American Authors – Best Day of my life is the song that needs to be on your inspirational moving day playlist

This song can really pump you up with energy. With such a positive message it really keeps you pushing even when you see a full room of stuff ready to be packed. Moving might be stressful and difficult to handle, but the positive attitude that comes with this song really makes you think that everything is doable. Keep on grinding and working on the move as moving day can really be the best day of your life!

Willie Nelson – On the Road Again

The country music icon Willie Nelson really hits the spot with this song. It’s all about new experiences and how you should embrace them. Well even if you moved before, moving is always feeling like a different occurrence even if after doing it for the second or third time. Leave your memories behind in a Baltimore storage unit and continue dreaming about your new life in your new home wherever it might be.

Ray Charles – Hit the road Jack

Ray Charles is an absolute legend when it comes to songwriting and singing. So it’s no wonder one of his famous songs made it on our list. It has a nice upbeat melody and really motivates you to leave the old house if you didn’t enjoy the experiences in it, the neighborhood, or neighbors. So if you can’t wait to see the doors close on your old home turn up this home and start packing.

Singer singing and holding an electric guitar at the same time
Listening to your favorite artists will make you feel better during the move

Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger

If you feel like dancing and hearing a song that really makes you move you’ve hit the jackpot with this one! Get packing with your partner and you’ll see how fast you’ll have all boxes ready. You’ll probably keep that beat in your head until it’s time to load everything into the moving truck.

Curtis Mayfield – Moving on Up is a classic that deserves to be on your inspirational moving day playlist

This song has a beat that will keep you working hard on the moving parts while at the same time keep you motivated about your new home. We’re hoping that the song rings true and that you’re actually moving on up! It’s a great song, in general, to keep people motivated and keep their hopes up and makes them continue dreaming big dreams.

Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway

If you like country music with a little bit of pop added to the mix then this song might be the right for you. This is a perfect song to turn up when you’re in the moving truck and on the way to your new home. The message of this song is to always have hope. And why wouldn’t you? You’re sitting in a moving truck with all your belongings ready for your new place.

Diddy-Dirty Money – Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey

In case you’re moving back to your hometown you will feel the uncontrollable need to blast this song. It really evokes feelings of homesickness and for anyone who is moving back to a place they feel like home, it is practically an anthem. With one of the best rappers in the game, P. Diddy it really has a nice and emotional beat to it.

Microphone with an artist unfocused in the background
Having an inspirational moving day playlist is a must if you want to stay motivated during the whole process

John Denver – Take Me Home Country Roads for an inspirational moving day playlist of every country lover

Another classic that absolutely needs to be on your playlist. It’s a beautiful song to blast when you’re returning to your home state from college or just moving back to your home for any reason. This legendary song from an iconic country singer just can’t be excluded from your playlist.

Listening to music will entertain you while you’re moving and also lower your stress levels. For that reason, having an inspirational moving day playlist is very important as it will put a smile on your face even in an environment where you’re surrounded by moving boxes. Just connect to your favorite music streaming service and enjoy the music. Relax, enjoy and let loose while listening to some of your favorite songs. We’ve shared our playlist so feel free to share yours with us.

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