The pros and cons of moving to Virginia Beach

Have you ever thought about moving to Virginia Beach? Maybe you already need to move to this coastal city. Therefore, it is time to prepare your move. You should contact movers Ellicott City MD to schedule your move. If you are still debating whether you should make the relocations, then here are all the important pros and cons of moving to Virginia Beach. Just like with any city, there will be some aspects of it that you like more, some you will like less. However, it is important to see if there are more positive aspects than negative ones. For this reason, here is a list so you can make your final decision.  

The pros of moving to Virginia Beach – great schools 

You should focus first on the positive things in life. Following this logic, the first advantage of moving to Virginia Beach would be great schools. If you plan to raise your children in this city, then you have to find good schools for them. As you might already know, education is very important in life. Your children will have a better chance of attending college or university of their choice if their school district is the best. The city is home to Virginia City Public Schools which includes 56 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, 12 high schools. The following schools are the best in their respective fields. 

  • Ocean Lakes – math and science academy 
  • Bayside – a health science academy 
  • Salem High school – the Visual and Performing Arts Academy 
  • Landstown High School – a Technology Academy 
  • First Colonial High School – the Legal Studies Academy 
children raising their hands in class
Virginia Beach has great schools.

The Southern hospitality 

Virginia Beach is actually an independent city. It is located on the southeastern coast of Virginia State. It has a little bit over 450,000 people currently living here. Many would say it has a suburban character, but at the same time, it is the most populous city in Virginia. Apart from these geographical facts, Virginia as a state is known to be very polite. You can call that southern hospitality. Unlike in big cities, such as New York City or Boston, people here will say hello. They will not hesitate to open doors for you or to give you a quite friendly smile. If you are moving to Virginia Beach from some larger city, this might be shocking for you at first. However, once you settle in, you will be saying hello to your neighbors every day as well. 

Virginia is a rich state 

If you want to earn money, then Virginia is a good place to start. The reason behind Virginia’s wealth would be its rich history. The first capital city of this state was Jamestown. It was also the first English settlement in the United States. The main purpose of its foundation was to increase England’s power and wealth hence all the wealth. Virginia went through a difficult time in 2008. However, this did not stop its economy to grow again. For this reason, there are plenty of job offers in Virginia Beach. You can make enough money so you can live a comfortable life there. If you are moving to Virginia Beach for a job, then make sure to find reliable long distance movers Virginia. You don’t want to be spending money you haven’t even earned yet on someone who doesn’t deserve it!

a jar full of coins
Virginia is a rich state

The final advantage of moving to Virginia Beach – reasonable costs of living 

If you did not know before, Virginia has twenty-seven military bases and it is very close to Pentagon. This would be the big moneymaker for the state. In addition to this, you can be sure that this state is quite safe considering the number of military personnel. Apart from being very rich, Virginia is a state that has quite reasonable costs of living. Some would say it is relatively low. For this reason, you can save up a good amount of money to buy your home, for example.  

Cons of moving to Virginia Beach – noise 

The already mentioned military bases can cause some trouble. Virginia Beach is a military town so it has extremely loud jet noises that do not stop. For this reason, when you buy the house in this area, it is legally required to notify the potential customers about the jet noises. If you cannot handle loud noises, then either find a neighborhood that is not close to the military bases or do not move here. Some people value their peace more than anything else. Therefore, it is completely understandable if you are not willing to listen to jet noises. 

gray jet fighter that you can expect to see after moving to Virginia Beach
Jet noises can be a problem.

Traffic and public transportation 

If you are moving to Virginia Beach from a small town, you will be surprised by the rush hour. It can be quite hectic. In addition to this, due to all the water, there are many bridges and tunnels that you will probably have to use. During the rush hour, it can get crazy which leads to minor traffic accidents almost every day. These rush hours go from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and later around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Public transportation will not help you to avoid traffic jams. Bus rides usually take hours due to a large area and many bus routes do not reach some suburbs and rural areas. For this reason, you have to own a car if you want to reach your destinations on time. Lastly, roads are not bike-friendly so getting a bike is not the best idea. 

The weather can be strange 

Lastly, the weather in Virginia Beach can change drastically, almost overnight. Temperatures can change 20 to 30 degrees in just 48 hours. In addition to this, the summers are very hot and muggy. There are also many tourists during the summer it can get a little bit crowded. This muggy period can last for almost 5 months. Winters are not any better, but at least they are mild. 

All the pros and cons 

As you can see, these are all the important cons and pros of moving to Virginia Beach. If you think you can handle the cons, then move to this coastal city.