The safest way to prepare your piano for moving

Whether you are playing the piano for many years or just have started, for sure this is something special for you. Your piano is a precious instrument, it has a special place in your home. Besides, many of your memories are related to your piano. However, once you decide to move your home, you will need to move your heavy piano, too. Also, for some reason, you may want to sell or give your piano as a gift. This way you will make happy someone from your friends or family. Whether you need to relocate your piano with all your belongings or carry the piano to someone who will get it from you, you should prepare your piano for moving. But, what is the best way to do preparations? Stay with our moving and storage Baltimore experts and learn to prepare your delicate instrument for safe moving.

What does it take to prepare your piano for moving?

If you know anyone who had moved a piano from one home to another, you should contact them. Every person who has experience with moving a piano will tell you how complex this task is. And our experts for moving services Baltimore will remind you this task requires serious preparation and manpower. For these reasons, there are many companies across the country that specialize in piano moving.

Father playing a piano with his daughter
Write down what you will need to prepare your piano for moving.

Unluckily, if you couldn’t hire piano movers because you need to save some money, you will need to perform this task by yourself. That means you should take the advice from our long distance movers MD and get all your need to prepare your piano for moving. First of all, you should gather proper tools, equipment, and moving supplies for moving your beloved instrument. Only this way you could protect your piano whether you need to dismantle it or not.

This task requires proper equipment, a lot of patience, and attention

Not sure what you will need to keep your piano safe all the way? Luckily, you are at the right place because we got the way to help you out. Our residential movers MD had prepared the list of supplies and equipment you will need:

  • Moving blankets and pads; Getting pads and moving blankets is required cause it will both protect the delicate internal pieces and outer finish and the.
  • Packing tape; Using it is a great way to secure the pads and blankets all around the piano. However, be careful and make sure to avoid traces of tape on gentle wooden surfaces.
  • Plastic wrap; Using plastic wrap will give additional support and protection to your piano.
  • Piano dollies or piano skid boards.
A couple using packing tape to prepare your piano for moving.
Don’t start moving your piano until you protect it.

Before you start to prepare your instrument for moving, purchase missing supplies from Amazon to ensure the safety of your piano. After you get all mentioned supplies, take enough time to prepare your piano for moving. Get all the help you need and remember to stay patient and careful.