The ultimate guide to attic remodeling

When people discuss remodeling they never include attic remodeling. They will gladly remodel their kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom but for some reason, the attic is always looked over. If you decided to remodel your attic, let us give you a few tips and help you make this part of your house nicer and prettier.

Check if everything is okay immediately after moving in

Once some of the best long distance movers Virginia has to offer relocate you to your new home, be sure to check the attic. Maybe the old owners left something damaged or just left the place a moldy mess. That shouldn’t happen. You want to make sure everything is ok and you can start your attic remodeling without any trouble or unnecessary expenses.

A big brush painting a wall
It would be a good decision to begin attic remodeling by painting the walls.

Begin attic remodeling by painting

Painting walls has some pros you can benefit from. First of all, you will air the attic well and fresh air will help a lot. It clears the space and brings oxygen in. That prevents mold and keeps the place dry and good to use as a living space. The second thing is, a good color can turn the attic from a moldy, dark place into a beautiful part of the house closest to the sky. And the last one, you can express your personality through the color you choose to use. You can show your fiery nature by using red, blue to demonstrate peace and deepness, and choosing green when remodeling the attic will show you possess tranquility.

Create a new room while attic remodeling

It’s often hard to create more space in your new home. An attic is usually a big place. There is a lot of space that can be used for a variety of things. However, one of the best ways to use all that space is to make a new room. People often use it to store old stuff they don’t use anymore. Don’t make the same mistake and just choose what kind of room you want. You have a few really nice options:

  • You can opt for a bedroom when attic remodeling.
  • A playroom is a nice choice.
  • A bathroom would be a good challenge.
  • If you need an office, you can make it there!
  • Families love to remodel their attic into a home theater

Adding a new room will make your home feel fresh and upgraded. Attic remodeling will be a great activity for you.

A bathroom inside the attic after remodeling
Creating an extra bathroom during attic remodeling is a great idea.

Convert your attic into a bedroom

Do you need a room you can offer guests to stay in at the end of the evening? You may want to remodel your attic to a spare bedroom to make use of space otherwise wasted. Keep your new bedroom at a suitable temperature by installing insulation. Choosing the correct insulation will also help you save some cash on bills. This often means you ought to completely redo the insulation, or you might be able to just add to the already existing insulation.

Once your reliable residential movers relocate you, buy a nice bed, add a carpet and make sure the windows are clean. That way you, or your guests, will have a beautiful experience of sleeping under the stars. You can add decorations on the ceiling which will make the atmosphere much warmer.

You can make a playroom in your attic

Do you want some extra space for the kids to run around and play? The attic might be the perfect part of the house to make a kid-friendly, colorful place of wonders. The question is, where to start?

First things first, think about the way your kids will be able to access the attic. For improved accessibility, you ought to install a spiral staircase that is both functional and provides a visually satisfying, classic vibe. Another option is a loft ladder but try to find one with additional safety measures and a good locking system.

After making the attic easily accessible, make the kids choose the color and the posters for the walls. Let them bring in all of their favorite toys and make sure the windows are working so they always have access to fresh air. Your kids will be forever grateful.

Need a spare bathroom? Try the attic!

Everyone loves having an extra bathroom in the house. However, you’ll have to think about new plumbing as well and that complicates things a little bit. The way your current plumbing is installed will probably determine the best way to plan out the attic bathroom remodeling.

Once you’ve finished with the plumbing and painting walls you can start thinking about what will you put in your bathroom. You can opt for a large jacuzzi to use when you really need to relax. You can also make it just a classical spare bathroom and those really come in handy when you have a lot of members in your family.

 Make an office in your attic

Most of the people have offices in their workplace and they keep all their work there. However, there are people who opt to have an office, or a working room, in their home as well. It is a really nice idea because that way you get way more time to spend with your kids and you are always there to help out in the house when you are needed. Making your office in your attic is a great attic remodeling idea and gives you a great place to be productive at.

It doesn’t take too much time and work. Insert a table after your taste, a nice chair and provide good lights for after dark. Your windows need to be functional and clean. Your productivity will be guaranteed.

A laptop on a work desk
Having a home office has many benefits.

What to do with the old stuff after attic remodeling?

If you have some old stuff in your attic that you don’t want to throw away but have no place to put it, rent storage. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland will provide you with some great storage services. Get one and put all your stuff there. It will be safe, protected from mold and other damage, and you will be able to sleep freely. Once you’ve done all of that you will get a totally new room inside your home!

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