Things you should know about renting a storage unit during summer

Did you know that June is the peak of the moving season? Did you also know, that June is peak storage unit season, too? As the weather warms up, more people prepare to move by finding a place to store their belongings until they settle into their new homes. The good news is: If you’re one of these people, renting a storage unit during summer won’t be as nearly difficult as it may sound. Rent one of the storage units Washington DC has to offer and find out through your own experience why it’s a great time to do so. And, in the following article, we give you top reasons why renting a storage unit during summer is such a great idea!

The heat is your storage unit’s worst enemy 

When you pack for your storage unit, be mindful of how hot your belongings might get in the summer. Your stuff can only withstand the heat for so long before they start to break down and get ruined.  Aim to keep your stuff as cool as possible by storing it in places that receive lots of air circulation. Avoid hot, stuffy storage units at all costs. The last thing you want is to throw out items you’ve worked hard to collect and own. The heat is your storage unit’s worst enemy in the summer. It can cause lasting damage to your stuff if you’re not careful.

Be mindful of how hot your stuff can get and try to store it in places that are climate-controlled. Also, there are certain items that you shouldn’t put in storage, especially during summer. Make sure to ask staff from the storage facility to tell you which items you cannot store. 

a woman writing down notes about renting a storage unit during summer
Keep in mind that the heat can damage your items. Find a cool place to store your things.

Consider renting a storage unit during summer if you want to save money! 

Of course, it all depends on your location, your storage unit size, and which company you decide to rent a storage unit from. If you are renting a storage unit for the first time and looking to save some money, you can try renting a smaller-sized unit. In that way, you’ll save money on your storage unit rental and the cost of your storage unit’s monthly bills.

Don’t forget to label everything before you pack it

You don’t want to spend summer digging through boxes in search of a particular item. If you label your boxes, finding what you’re looking for will be much easier. When labeling your boxes, use a permanent marker and include a brief description of what’s inside. Avoid labeling your boxes with just a number or a letter. When packing delicate items like glassware or fragile items, be extra mindful of how you pack them and how they’re positioned inside the box. Your items have to go through a lot before they get to you, so handle them with care.

Your boxes must be in good shape

You’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this! If you’re packing items that are particularly heavy, you may want to make sure your boxes are in good shape as well. Label all your moving boxes and make sure they are ready for long distance movers Washington DC  has to offer to pick them up. If you’re using old boxes, they may not be able to hold the weight of your items and break under the pressure. If you’re packing an item that’s particularly heavy, use a new box and reinforce it with duct tape. This way, your box won’t get crushed under the weight of your items. If you’re packing items that are particularly fragile, be mindful of how you’re packing them in the box. You don’t want to crush or break your items during the moving process or while they’re in storage. 

Carton boxes and books on table
Your storing boxes must be in a good shape.

Check your insurance policy before storing valuable items

Before you decide to store items like antique furniture or expensive artwork in your storage unit, make sure you check your insurance policy. Some insurance companies will not cover items that are in a storage unit. This is because they say that items in a storage unit are vulnerable to theft and damage. If you have valuable items that you’re storing in a storage unit, make sure you check your insurance policy. This way, you’ll know ahead of time what items your policy will and will not cover. If you find that your policy won’t cover the items you’re storing, think of a different way to store them. 

Don’t use cardboard when storing delicate items

Your cardboard boxes may be cheap and readily accessible, but they’re not always the best choice for packing delicate items. If you’re storing something that’s particularly delicate or has a high chance of breaking, avoid using cardboard boxes altogether. You can use wooden crates or wooden boxes, instead. They are specifically designed to protect your fragile items. So, if you are packing something like an antique lamp or a glass vase, use wooden crates or wooden boxes that are specifically designed to protect your delicate items.

Shadows of glasses on the wall
Carefully store your precious items when renting a storage unit during summer.

Try to estimate how much space you’ll need

Before you make a decision on renting a storage unit during the summer, we at Allstate Moving and Storage encourage you to estimate how much stuff you actually have. In this way, you will know how much space you need in your storage unit. If you fail to do so, you may run the risk of packing too much stuff or not having enough space. The solution is to pack only the most important items and store them and then see if you have any space left for the rest. This will enable you to decide what you want to put in the storage unit. You don’t want to pack a lot of things and then realize that you don’t have enough space to fit everything. So, make sure you have enough space and try to estimate how much space you’ll need.

Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the break while you can!

Finding and renting a storage unit during summer may sound challenging but with our advice, we ensure you will be fine as well as your precious belongings. Just make sure you find a climate-controlled unit so that your items stay intact for the time that they are in the storage unit.