Tips and tricks for moving your elderly parents to Virginia

Relocating home is a highly stressful and emotionally hard event in our lives. It is hard for everyone involved. But it is much harder if you must leave a home you spent most of your life in. This is the case with your elderly loved ones. When you want to assist your parents or grandparents relocate, you must prepare for an emotional turmoil. There are many belongings you must pack and move and many memories attached to it. Therefore, we will accompany you on this journey and provide valuable tips for moving your elderly parents to Virginia. Do not worry, we will make sure you are successful in the end.

Find a moving company specialized in senior moving

Sure, you will participate and help your parents as much as you can. But can you do this alone? Even with the help of your friends and family members, you’ll need professional moving assistance. Browse online and check some of the moving companies in the area. You’ll find that long distance movers Virginia are your best choice. A company with a unique approach to elderly members and the relocation on their hands. Experienced, skilled, and reliable moving team is what you should look for. Although there are many other choices out there, you should be careful and compare movers.

After you compare prices, services, and reviews, you’ll find a moving company that suits you best. But be sure to contact them on time and ask anything you want to know. You want to inspect your moving company adequately before hiring them. Like in any business, you might find a scamming and cheating moving company. And we want to avoid that. Take a few hours of your time and conduct a proper search. You and your parents will be pleased with the results.

Moving your elderly parents to Virginia won’t go without a proper packing process

Yet another way to help when moving your elderly parents to Virginia is to help them pack. It might sound easy but it is rather complicated. Those are the belongings of your parents and you must treat them with respect and dignity. Therefore, prepare for a serious packing session. Hopefully, your parents are healthy enough to assist you with the packing process. It will be much easier if they can tell you how to handle certain items and where to pack them. In any case, you must pack clothes for moving, pack their kitchen, bathroom, garage, attic, basement. Above all, you must prepare all the furniture for relocation.

Packing supplies
Make sure that you have all the necessary packing supplies to cover your packing process like a pro.

Before you begin, go out and obtain all the packing materials needed. You’ll need blister packs, moving boxes, packing tapes, and labels. Once you obtain those, start moving through the house and clean room by room. With a bit of patience and a bit of luck, you’ll do this over the weekend. But in case you do not have time or simply do not feel comfortable to pack everything yourself, think about moving services Maryland that is available to you. You can enlist a moving company to assist you on any step you desire, not only transport. Think about it, you can save valuable that you can spend with your parents in these hard times.

You must find the best way to handle items of emotional value

We are sure that your elders have a few valuable items in their possession. Those can be antiques, artwork, family heirlooms, memorabilia, etc. You can either enlist moving professionals specialized in moving high-risk items. Or you can do this one yourself. Whatever is the case, those items need special care. We would advise packing them with care using higher-quality materials. Strengthen the box, put a bit more cushion inside and apply several layers of tape. Also, label the box with all kinds of signs that this box contains valuable or fragile pieces. You can even transport certain items yourself using your vehicle. Of course, if you can’t trust anyone with this task, better do it yourself.

But in case you do not want to take any risks, consider hiring professionals. Allstate Moving and Storage MD might be the solution for you. Here you’ll find all in one, a full-services from packing and unpacking, to transporting highly-valuable items without a scratch. Think about it, it might be worthwhile.

A full moving service company is the most efficient way when moving your elderly parents to Virginia

You might ask yourself, how to help my parents relocate if I live in a different state or on another continent? Moreover, if you can’t take any days off for this occasion? Do not worry, there is a solution to everything. In this day and age with all the technology available to us, you can do wonders without ever being present. For example, you can hire movers and purchase full moving service online and via phone. After consulting with your parents, contact movers and communicate the details of your move. Schedule a free onsite estimate and obtain a moving quote.

Elderly couple on a swing
Consider purchasing a full moving service for your elderly loved ones. Make the whole process much easier.

After, you can coordinate everything between your family members and a moving company. If you make a good deal and list everything in your moving contract, you’ll be fine. And remember you can purchase moving insurance as well. This way you are covered from all sides. And do not worry, if you choose a properly licensed and well-equipped moving company, your relocation will be like any other. With a full moving service, you’ll have all the packing materials, moving boxes, moving equipment, enough manpower, and proper vehicle. All brought to your parent’s doorsteps.

Inspect everything before you begin and make a moving plan

Once you find a proper moving company and set a moving date, assemble a moving checklist. List down all the moving steps you must take. You should make a packing and unpacking checklist, along with the inventory list. Also, think about the legalities involved. Your parents will be happy if you help them transfer their medical records, bank accounts, phone and internet services, etc. But keep in mind that some of the legal documents take some time to relocate. Therefore, do this part as soon as you can, or at least start the process. Follow your moving guide step by step and you’ll keep up with time, funds, and keep everything in check. Good organization is imperative when moving your elderly parents to Virginia.

What if your parents need special services?

If your parents are disabled, or about to go on assisted living, do not worry, there is a solution. A moving company can help you here as well by patching you with a nursing home. Or assign a nursing specialist to your moving project. Many companies are collaborating with other businesses in order to provide the best possible service and to cover all your needs when moving. Therefore, ask your moving company if they can assist with this part. If not, contact one of the nursing homes, or a private nursing agency. Rent a nurse for a day that will assist your parents while you focus on other things. It is an affordable stress relief that will set your and your parent’s mind at ease.

Consider hiring a nurse when moving your elderly parents to Virginia
Consider hiring professional help to cover all your needs. Your seniors will appreciate it.

There we go, these were the essentials you must go through when moving your elderly parents to Virginia. Remember to pack them a personal box or a bag with all the essentials that they might need on a moving day. Try to keep calm and focused. Your mood will influence your parents and you must give your best to make this day easier for them. Good luck.

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