Tips for finding housing in Virginia for students

After getting that acceptance letter from your Virginia university, you might feel ecstatic, as you should, of course. It is your hard work that got you to this stage, and you should first celebrate it. But what is the first step you should take after that letter? Finding housing. And that part might be a little tricky. Finding housing in Virginia for students might be a bit more hard work, but luckily our team at All State Moving and Storage Maryland has your back. We are here to help you get on the right foot when starting your new academic life.

Types of student housing

Of course, the two most basic types of housing for students are dorms and private rooms or apartments. Knowing you will feel most comfortable in is important in finding housing in Virginia if you are a student. There are several things you should consider. Firstly, are you a person who enjoys privacy? Can you have your long study sessions in a dorm, or would you be more comfortable in an apartment? Do you want to make a lot of new friends, or are you a person who likes to keep to yourself?

group of friends after finding housing in Virginia for students
You have to know yourself and what kind of living arrangements you like before finding the best possible housing in Virginia for students

Apartments are great if what you need are privacy and some alone time. Of course, they are great for socializing but not as great as dorm rooms. Dorm rooms are much more relaxed. Usually, a favorite for students finding housing in Virginia who are moving in from out of state. If you are a freshman, you might consider living in a dorm as it is a safer option. In the first year, it’s important to find your footing and meet new people as much as to excel academically. And dorms certainly check all of the boxes for that.

Defining the right budget

Now, your first thought might be to max out your budget for rent. But, if you are a first-year student, that might not be the best move. While we all like living comfortably, choosing more affordable housing in Virginia for students means you will have more pocket money for other activities. So our best tip is not to max out your rent budget.

Person holding 100 dollar bills
Your rent should be no more than a third of your budget for you to live comfortably

When looking for housing in Virginia, you should try to find out as much information about how much the utilities cost. Of course, you can’t decide on a budget if you can’t factor in the monthly utilities. In Virginia, this usually implies energy costs, water, internet, or cable. But you should check with your potential landlord about any hidden fees like parking or even laundry fees. They may not seem like a lot at first, but they add up. And don’t forget to factor in the deposit and any moving costs you may need, like packing services Baltimore. Remember, the first month is always the most costly.

How to actually find housing in Virginia for students

Research inline. Of course, there are many popular websites and apps for this. But they can be impractical and unreliable, especially if you can’t see the room or the apartment beforehand. Long distance movers Virginia, see a lot of disappointed students who move to a place that is nothing like what is described online. This is why you should use these online tools with caution.

Nonetheless, websites aren’t the only way you can try finding housing in Virginia for students. You can also use online groups like Facebook or Reddit. There are many rooms and apartments you can find this way. The offer is not only great and diverse, but you can find more affordable places on online groups. This is usually because they are leased by the landlords themselves and not by agents who charge extra for their services, thus raising the cost of the rent.

Person trying to find housing online
It is possible to find housing online, but you should be careful to avoid scams

What to look for when finding student housing in Virginia

There are a few things you must check before you sign a lease. Oftentimes, these things are overlooked by students who are eager to start their life at some of the best universities in Virginia but are actually crucial for the functionality and comfort of your future living space. Those are:

  • If you are viewing the apartment in person, you should check for mold. If everything looks good, you should pay attention to red flags, like freshly painted walls or even the smell of mold and mildew. Definitely check in hard-to-reach places, like behind the cabinets. You wouldn’t want to be tucked in a moldy apartment for a year?
  • What is included in the apartment – is there a washer or a dryer? If you see them in the picture, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are included in the rent. You should ask your potential landlord or rental agency what is included in the apartment
  • Ask the current or previous tenants if the place is actually as described. What are the bad sides you can expect to living there? Bad neighbors? Spotty wifi?
  • Lastly, but most importantly, you must get all the information on the type of contract and its duration.

What to do if you change your mind

If you’ve done all the previous steps, there’s a small, minuscule chance that you may end up not liking the place. That happens, and it’s totally normal. So what to do if you really don’t like the place you just moved into? You can terminate the lease if you find something that’s against it or is not as previously described or agreed upon. After that, you can start the process all over, but we would recommend at least keeping your belongings in storage units Virginia to avoid unnecessary moving.

Finally, finding housing in Virginia for students is a long process, and it will take time. You should remember that patience is key here. And after all that is done, you can move in and start your new college adventure, which we are sure you will like more than finding the perfect place.