Tips for hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County

Changing the surroundings can be difficult for one’s mental health. Before relocation, people used to have a big circle of friends, they knew their neighbors and therefore felt safe. A sense of security and a feeling that you belong somewhere is necessary for a good and healthy life. So, you need to get to know new people as soon as possible. The best way to meet new friends and neighbors is by hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County. Let us give you a few tips on how to do that.

Prepare for hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County

Preparation is the key to success. You should start planning the party the moment your movers in Baltimore County finished relocation. Since the party should be shortly after you move in, you should get down to business. Let’s see some of the more important points in the preparation process:

  • Think about how much money will you spend
  • Send out invitations
  • Decide what kind of party you want
  • Find the right food and drinks
Two men are shaking hands in front of a car.
Introduce yourself to your neighbors before hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County.

Set a budget for hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County

Decide how much money you can spend. It will depend on a few factors. Firstly, you need to decide on how many people you want to invite. You can’t invite the whole neighborhood but the more people you invite, the bigger are the chances you will create a new contact who will help you adapt to the new environment and spread your social circle.

The second factor in creating a budget is the price of all the stuff you’ll include. Will you make it a small house party? Which food do you plan to serve? Consider all options and include them in the budget.

Choose which people and how many to invite

Your future life in the new neighborhood depends a lot on the people you get in touch with. Inviting your closest neighbors is a must. However, before hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County, you should visit them and introduce yourself to new neighbors with a nice gift. Find out what are they like and you will have something to work with. If you know their taste in music you can balance between them and create a really joyful atmosphere.

If the number of people is limited, choose only the close neighbors. However, if you get a chance to invite a larger crowd, don’t hesitate to invite as many people as you can. If you acquire an image of a warm neighbor who loves making friends, your life in the new environment will have a really nice beginning.

How to invite

In the 21st century, there are many ways to invite your neighbors to a party. You can just go straight to their door and knock. If you have their phone number, you can call them or send them a message.

However, sending out invitations will be a pleasant surprise. You can make the invitations by yourself. You can make them out of paper or some other fun material. Or you can print them out but if you will be sending them to only a few addresses, writing them yourself will give them a certain warmth which will leave a nice impression on your neighbors.

Women are talking about food and catering.
Try to provide each guest with an equal amount of attention.

Think about what type of party do you want

Once your moving companies Harford County MD relocate your stuff, it’s time to begin thinking about what type of party you want. Choose based on the type of place you own. You can’t make an open house party if you’re moving into a flat. It also depends on the season. Let’s see a few possible options.

Small, private party for close neighbors

Hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County is not that easy if you have neighbors different in age or culture. So, the best way to suit everyone is to make a small gathering where you will be able to show them the hospitality and warmth of your home. You can prepare a meal by yourself if you like to cook or call a service to do it for you. Open a nice bottle of wine or get a crate of imported beer to show them that you appreciate their company. Since there won’t be many people at the party you will be able to interact with guests and learn about them.

This is a great type of party if you move in during the fall or winter period. Since the outside won’t be available, you can create a really warm atmosphere inside the house.

Try a yard party when hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County

If it’s summer and you have a big yard, you can use it well for this occasion. Put up lamps and ornaments, bring out tables and buy snacks and beverages.  When it’s a party for a lot of people, hosting a housewarming party in Baltimore County can be really challenging. Prepare well, clean the yard and make sure you have all the necessary equipment (the most important one being music). Notify neighbors that there will be a big party and that there will be some loud music.

Introduce a nice big pool and fun is guaranteed. If your pool is an above-ground pool, it should be transported by a reliable company like Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland since it can be really fragile and you should take no risks.

Good old barbeque

If you are moving in with a family you can never go wrong if you choose to host a barbeque party. That way the kids can play around the yard, you can make some really nice food for everyone and your spouse can show the house to interested neighbors. Of course, you would need to know how to cook a good barbeque to host that kind of party.

A man is grilling sausages on a BBQ.
A traditional Barbeque might be the best solution if you relocated as a family.

Thank them after the party

Sometimes, when everything is over, people tend to forget. Just sending out a message of gratitude to people who attended might give you an opportunity to stay in touch with them and maybe become close friends. Furthermore, you will show that you appreciate their company and they might invite you when they plan out a party or some other kind of activity.

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