Tips for low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA

So, planning to move to Norfolk VA? Good for you! However, your budget is tight. What can you do to make a low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA? Moving is usually quite expensive, especially when it comes to long distance moving, so it is not going to be easy. But, do not lose hope! We have assembled a couple of tips to help you do just that! It is time to see what you can do to cut the costs as much as you can, and still, keep your move at the best level of service as possible. Let’s dive in!

woman counting money for a low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA
A low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA will seem like a breeze if you follow these tips!

Finding a low-cost moving company

If you were thinking to do the whole move yourself, that would be a lot less expensive. However, you will have to deal with all the stress and work that goes along with self-moving, even short distance, especially as a beginner. That is why we recommend you to hire a moving company. Hiring a moving company shifts all the stress and lifting to your movers and lets you focus on other important things. There are a lot of affordable moving companies for you to choose from. Especially if you are moving a short distance. Local Virginia movers usually offer affordable services. But, some moving companies may turn out to be a scamming company. Scamming companies do whatever it takes to make you give them money, and deliver poor, if any, kind of service. This is why you need to find a company with good reviews. In order to see what company has the best reviews, there are some steps to take.

First of all, you should ask your friends or family who had moved recently if they know any. If not, there are plenty of options for you left. You can go on websites that deal with reviewing different companies. Yelp or BBB are some of these websites where you can get honest reviews from real people. However, beware of companies with overly positive reviews. Some scamming companies may create fake accounts and make fake reviews. This does not mean that every company with positive reviews is a scamming company. Do your research before hiring anyone, and make sure that they are both affordable and reliable enough for your low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA.

Getting rid of extra stuff

There is another thing that may pose some problems. Too much extra stuff! There are probably a lot of things in your attic, basement, or garage that is just sitting there, collecting dust. These are things that you probably do not even need but keep them around “just in case”. Well, that highly improbable situation in which you would use those items did not come and you are left with extra stuff. You are probably unavailable to find storage Virginia due to your low budget. To lower the costs of your move, you will need to get rid of them. Your low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA will be made much easier if you have less weight. Less weight equals less money for your move. To get rid of extra stuff, consider some of these options:

  • Having a garage sale

A garage sale is the best way to get rid of extra stuff. You will even earn some money in the process! It is a win-win situation. The only thing that will be taken away from you, is your time. But this is time well spent considering your low budget. In order to have a good garage sale, you need to think about some of these issues. The first one is advertising your garage sale. Advertising your garage sale is very important because you want people to know about it. A good way to approach this is to put a poster up on the notice board in your neighborhood. Another good idea is to go around and hand out flyers. This will surely attract someone to your garage sale. If you are more into technology, you can even use social media to advertise your sale. Creating an event on Facebook will surely boost the number of visitors. You will be surprised by the number of people flocking to your sale when you advertise it properly! Another thing to keep in mind is bargaining. If a customer does not agree to the price you have set, do not be afraid to lower it. The lower amount of money you will receive is nothing compared to the cost which that particular item may have during your move.

garage sale
A garage sale is a smart way to get rid of extra stuff.
  • Selling it online and donating

If you do not manage to sell everything you want during your garage sale, you can sell it online or donate. Websites such as eBay are dealing with this and allow you to reach a far wider audience and a higher probability to sell the item. If all else fails, you can still donate the extra stuff. Getting rid of your extra stuff and doing a good deed! Great for you low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA

Find moving boxes and pack everything yourself

This is a great way to avoid spending money on packing services. However, you need to be ready to pack everything correctly and carefully. Some items may require additional packing supplies and you should not be afraid to use it. These packing supplies include stuff such as packing paper, foam nuggets, etc. But these may prove to be too costly for your move. If that is the case, you should use regular paper, tape, old sheets, and garbage bags. Proceed with the packing and be amazed by how good you are at it.

moving boxes
You do not have to buy new moving boxes!

So, you have wrapped the item in paper and sheets. Time to put it in a box. Surprise! You do not have enough boxes! Worry not, for this is a problem easily fixed. Go to your local hardware stores and see if they have boxes for sale. If you cannot fit that in your prepared relocation budget, you should just ask them if they have any that they do not need. They receive supplies regularly and usually throw the extra boxes in the trash. With all that said, good luck with your low-budget relocation to Norfolk VA!