Tips for moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC

There is something you need to know about Washington DC. A lot of TV shows represent the national capital as only political and you could think it’s that and nothing else. On the contrary, Washington is so much fun, especially if you are interested in national history. Furthermore, it is rated as one of the most attractive cities in the whole country. While you are waiting for your movers in Columbia MD to collect your boxes, let’s read about the top tips for moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC, and how to choose the right neighborhood.

Some things to know before moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC

We all know Washington DC is a place known for its politics and very rich history. Moreover, people come and go every week so it is pretty crowded on working days. You will read that the population of around 650,000 people rises up to 1 million every week until the weekend comes again. Because of this, the city has a vibrant culture mixed with a diverse population from all over the world.

the crowd on the streets is common if you are moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC
You will have to get used to a big crowd on the streets. On the contrary, weekends can be really nice and somehow quieter.

So, living in the nation’s capital is pretty expensive. Let’s compare some numbers if you are moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC:

  • The cost of living in Washington is 40% higher than the national average.
  • The median home value in Columbia is $387,000, while Washington can brag about the price of $752,000.
  • The population in Columbia MD is 106,000.
  • Rents in Washington are insanely expensive, so you have to consider that if you are moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC.
  • A lot of people are coming from New York or Boston. You can hire some long-distance movers Washington DC has and ensure your relocation will go smoothly.
  • The distance between these two cities is just 30 miles, so keep in mind that there is never a lack of job opportunities.

Meet the Washington DC neighborhoods in advance

The nation’s capital had a huge task in front of it. With a lot of different people coming, one city needs to try and please at least a large number of them, if not everybody. Here, you can find everything packed in one place. Everybody can enjoy and find something for themselves. Choose between nightlife and pubs, or piece and quiet, but don’t think you will ever feel bored in Washington DC. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland has helped many people move to Washington and learned a lot about the different neighborhoods:

  • Adams Morgan offers everything, from an energetic pub to peaceful green nature that gives a laid-back living feel.
  • Capitol Hill is an urban neighborhood that is relatively quiet, but close to all the fun in the city.
  • Georgetown is a student paradise where you can have an excellent shopping experience.
  • Edgewood is somehow less expensive but makes families feel at home. Even though you can make every house feel like home, this neighborhood gives something special that attracts young professionals, too.
Adams Morgan neighborhood
You can see a lot of beautiful and colorful houses in Adams Morgan.

Pros (and cons) of moving to Washington DC

You are moving to a very big district. Even though the traffic in Washington is terrible, the public transportation is great. You will need 40 to 50 minutes to get anywhere. Washington DC has very clean, but busy public transport, so for those who consider driving, know that parking can be expensive, too. Don’t forget the taxi service, which is pretty reliable with over 6,000 vehicles available.

Even though the taxes are low for the nation’s capital, the prices of housing are expensive, as we already mentioned. So, we assume you saved some extra cash for moving here. On the other hand, there is always a way to rent some storage units Washington DC has nearby if you don’t find a perfect home instantly. You will be sure your possessions are safe and ready to transport when the time comes.

Learn about the city’s history after moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC

Locals do take history very seriously. You can find tons of breathtaking museums and monuments surrounded by beautiful green scenery. Also, iconic government buildings like the White House, Supreme Court, or the Capitol Building are at every corner. Check wonderful museums, too, most of which are free to visit:

  • National museum
  • Smithsonian
  • Gardens and private museums
  • The National Air and Space Museum
  • National Zoo and many others.
smithsonian castle in washington dc
The Smithsonian castle takes all the breathtaking views from visitors.

A few more tips

Even though this is not a big long-distance move, you should consider some things from the very beginning of your relocation:

  • During packing, be sure to downsize as much as possible. Dress-code in Washington is formal and conservative, so reduce your closet accordingly.
  • Pack everything tightly, you want all of your possessions to arrive undamaged.
  • Save extra cash whenever you can. Start by selling clothes or items you won’t take with you. You will thank us later.
  • Don’t throw away your sports equipment. There are plenty of recreational options one can enjoy daily.
  • Prepare your mouth to taste so many different foods, especially French, since this cuisine is the specialty in Washington DC.

When we take these few things, there is so much to say about this beautiful city on the Potomac River. Washington is well-known for its excellent quality of life. Everybody walks and hikes here since this is also one of the safest cities in the country. Be prepared for chaotic traffic if you are a driver. On the other hand, enjoy perfectly organized public transport that can take you wherever you want to go. We hope these top tips helped you with choosing your perfect neighborhood for moving from Columbia MD to Washington DC. You can get to know historical monuments and museums even before you relocate so that you can have some prior knowledge about everything. Locals will appreciate it dearly.

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