Tips for organizing your garage

Organizing your living room is difficult, but organizing your garage is really challenging. There were times when the garage was only made for parking cars, and today a garage is much more than that. Besides, parking cars, people use garage space to store their bike, tools, sports equipment, music instruments, barbecue, beach chairs, and garden tools. Basically, garage today is some kind of storage. If you have many various things to store in the garage, you should search for some useful ideas on how to organize things and space there. You already know that you can hang tools on the wall, or put a shelf in your garage to store things, but that usually ends messy. According to The US Department of Energy study, only 33% of homeowners actually have a clean enough garage to fit a car inside. Moreover, people use garages as storage and for hobbies. Need help with organizing your garage? Check our tips.

organizing your garage and your car
Before you start redesigning and organizing your garage, do the big cleaning and remove small items on the floor and oil and chemical stains.

Start with big cleaning!  

Just like survey from above has shown, only 33% of homeowners actually have a clean enough garage to fit a car inside. Furthermore, that is because garages are overcrowded with various stuff and also not so clean. Before you start organizing your garage, do the big cleaning! First, to know, you can do this in a few hours. You will need a day or even a weekend. If you’re lucky, you can make organizing garage a whole family project and invite some friends to help you. To ease your job, we suggest sorting things from your garage into 3 groups: keep, sell and throw away. Expired household chemicals, very old tools and broken items should be thrown away. Anything you haven’t used in two years or more which is in good condition you can sell or recycle. Local movers Washington DC are a reliable company that will safely relocate and load your things to your new home. 

organizing your garage
Make sure to organize your tools with the care, you will surely need them again!

Declutter your garage

You can’t start organizing your garage if you don’t declutter your garage first. After cleaning and sorting your things, throw away all old things you don’t need. The most important items you should keep in shelves near you so you can have easy access, but you should store items you don’t use very often like seasonal decorations in the hard-to-reach places. If you want to put shelves there, make sure you take measurements of your garage and draft a floor plan. One of the best tips for organizing garage space is to keep things off the floor. One big shelf is good to have, but it’s best to install hanging shelves or everything you can on the wall. 

vintage car in the garage
Only 33% of homeowners actually have a clean enough garage to fit a car, research of The US Department of Energy has shown.

Organize your garage with safety as a priority

Also, while organizing your garage, keep in mind that safety of you and your family is your priority. Most people store lawn-mower gas in the garage, so you should buy a 5- to 10-pound U.L.–listed extinguisher and mount it in an easy-to-access spot. Packing and organizing can be a stressful job, so perhaps consider some reasons to hire professional packers. It should be effective against the wood, oil, and electrical fires. This is not an expensive investigation but it can save your life. You never know. 

Organizing your garage: Storing sports equipment

Organizing your garage with sports equipment inside is interesting. Beside the car, people usually store a bike in the garage. Just like a car, bikes take a lot of floor space and other items can easily block them. So, the best way to store a bike is to hang it on the wall. In this way your bike will be safe, protected from damage and you will have more space. If you are a fan of water sports, you should keep your kayak away from sunlight and heat. We suggest you to buy a suspension system or create your own using DIY tutorials. Clean your kayak and keep the hull protected. When you hang your kayak in the garage make sure that the hull always faces the ceiling. While organizing your garage, the most important thing to do when storing sports equipment is to sort your gear by sport. In this way, you will save time and reduce clutter in your garage. If you’re moving to a new house with a garage, residential movers Baltimore can help you with relocating and storing your things fast. 

taking care of your tools
Organizing your garage require of you to clean whole space. Wonder where to store all things? Rent a storage unit.

Start organizing your garage by renting a storage unit 

If you’re moving to another city or you want to start organizing your garage, renting storage units are a great time and money saver! Storage units provide safe and secure storage for your garage stuff like tools, bike, and other equipment. If you are thinking about renting a storage unit, you should know the most common sizes. Storage units are usually sized by square footage, and the typical ceiling is eight feet high. For example, if you want to store things from garage, dimensions 10×20, represent the size of a small garage. It is important to know how often you’ll need access to your belongings. It’s because if you need a long-term storage unit and you want access to your tools. Moreover, you will need to get a storage unit with extra space.  Consider renting one? Check amazing Storage units Washington DC and pick the best for you.