Tips for packing an aquarium for moving

There are many reasons why people move. A move to a bigger house, better opportunities, a new job the reasons are endless. However, you can’t forget about your pets! For that reason, we at Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland have decided to help you out. We’ll talk about fish particularly in this post. Here’s some advice on how to handle packing an aquarium for moving. Don’t be afraid even though aquariums seem fragile – if you follow precautionary measures and take care it won’t be a big problem.

Gather all the supplies needed for packing an aquarium for moving

Even before you get your hands on the aquarium you need to have all the supplies needed for it. The sooner you start gathering them the better, as you’ll have more time for other parts of the move. For that reason, our movers in Baltimore County have decided to help you out as an aquarium is pretty delicate to pack. Here are just some supplies you’ll need before you get into packing the aquarium:

  • Packing tape and duct tape
  • Fishnet
  • Buckets and containers for aquarium plants and fish
  • Other handy supplies
  • Bubble wrap
A woman gathering her packing materials
It’s important to gather all the materials before packing an aquarium for moving

Get your fish ready for the move

When you move fish from their natural habitat it will put them in a very uncomfortable position. That means it will be under a lot of stress. Firstly, you’ll need to stop feeding your fish one or two days before moving. You really don’t have to worry about the fish as they can survive up to seven days without any food. Our movers in Maryland will advise you to move the fish with fishnets into containers. If you’re moving smaller fish you can place them in a small plastic container or cooler. However, if you have larger fish or more fish you’ll need to use buckets. Obviously, those need to be clean before you put fish in them. Restrain from using chemical cleaners as they can poison the fish.

Before packing an aquarium for moving, clean it

Before you start packing, clean the aquarium. To do it safely you’ll need to get rid of all the plants and accessories that are inside the aquarium. Keep them safe so you can put them back when the aquarium has been moved. Our long-distance movers will always tell you to divide the aquarium into as many parts as possible as it can help you to clean them easier. That statement rings true for all the accessories that go with the aquarium. Be it the heather,  the light, the pump, or any type of equipment they all should be cleaned before they get into the truck.

A man looking at his aquarium
Clean your aquarium up before moving it

Start packing the aquarium

Before you start getting your aquarium apart you need to siphon the water out of it. You can easily do it with a siphon hose and a bucket. Make sure you save the water when you take it out of the tank as if you pour it back in at the new location your fish will feel at home quicker be it that they already were in the same water. When it comes to the actual packing of the aquarium you need to be extremely careful. Any potential mistake can cause the glass to break, where even the tiniest of cracks will make your aquarium unusable. If you can, the best way to pack an aquarium is to put it in a box that is big enough. After that, you should insulate it so that it is covered from inside and outside.  The aquarium shouldn’t have room to move around!

Load everything up into the truck

You always need to take care of the aquarium whenever in the moving process you are. However, loading it into a truck should be easy if you have professional movers on your side. If you for some reason haven’t hired them you should watch out to leave enough space around the box with the aquarium. There isn’t a case where it’s ok to put a box above or under the aquarium. That’s because while in transport stuff can move one way or another, and in case of a collision of two boxes, your aquarium can get damaged. When it comes to your fish it would be smart to transport them with you in the car and not to put them in a moving truck. The reason is that not all moving trucks are climate-controlled.

An aquarium with plants in it
When you have professional movers on the job it’s easy to load the aquarium in the moving truck

Take care of the aquarium after the move

Putting your aquarium into your new home should be one of the priorities when the moving truck arrives. Not only because it’s fragile, but also because your fish would be in their habitat as soon as possible. Be it that they were in the most amazing aquarium in the world, or a regular glass aquarium they will appreciate being back inside their space. Firstly, find the right spot in the new house for it. After that, refill it with water, the best would be the one you saved from before the move. And also wait some time, preferably an hour, before you start the heather and the water pump as it can help the water get to room temperature.

Moving and packing an aquarium seems like a lot of work, however, it’s really worth it if you have a nice aquarium where your fish are living for some time. From gathering everything to finding the best place in your home, there’s a lot that goes into moving an aquarium. That’s why we hope our suggestions can help you and your fish create a better living space. Enjoy your new home and we hope your fish will do the same.

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