Tips for packing your bedroom

When moving to a new home, people usually forget how hard is to pack and relocate heavy furniture from their bedroom. Compared to the living room and kitchen, the bedroom has fewer items to relocate. That usually includes bed, mattress, wardrobe, chair, bookshelf, and decoration. But it’s easy to pack kitchen tools into boxes while disassembling the bed, and lifting heavy things can be a real nightmare. If you want to find out some tips on packing your bedroom, check our article! Moving companies in Maryland will ease your relocation and deal with lifting heavy furniture at amazing prices and offers! 

packing your bedroom
Packing your bedroom by yourself and lifting heavy furniture can be dangerous, so better hire a reliable moving company to ease your relocation.

 Packing your bedroom – Create a packing list

Before you start packing your bedroom, create a packing list. A packing list will be your small guide of what to do every day. Take look at all things in your bedroom and write down heavy big things, decoration, and fragile items. Basically, you will sort out things from your bedroom. You can start with your clothing. Then you can go on bedding, a mattress, heavy furniture, bookshelf, and other decoration. First, pack the most important things, and remove decoration and fragile items from your room to make space for disassembling bed and wardrobe. 

Free boxes and packing materials 

Packing your bedroom doesn’t need to be stressful and hard. You can save some money from it! Why buying moving boxes and packing material when you can find them for free? Instead of buying boxes, you can ask for free boxes at your local liquor or grocery store. They will be happy to get rid of them. You can ask your friends and neighbors to give you free boxes, too. Instead of buying fancy materials for extra protection for your items, and bubble wraps, you can use the things from your home. Use clothes, towels, newspapers, magazines and old soft materials to add more protection into boxes. If you don’t have boxes you can use trash bags! For small parts and items, you can use sandwich bags to keep them together. Just use your imagination! Need help with moving boxes and loading the truck with heavy furniture? Movers in Baltimore County will easily load the moving truck with your furniture and make sure your things are relocating safely to your new home. 

closet full with clothes
Using free boxes and packing materials from your own home can save you a lot of money when packing clothes!

How to pack closet

People usually have a closet in their bedroom. Packing your bedroom with closet is not easy but not terrible too. If you want to save some time or you’re doing last minute relocation, don’t sort out things from your closet. Leave your clothes on their hangers and pack them into a wardrobe carton. One carton will hold about two feet of compressed clothing on a hanger. Or simply put them in trash bags! They are easy to fill and carry. If you don’t use wardrobe cartons or trash bags, you can remove each piece of clothing from its hanger and place them in a suitcase. You can also use box lined with packing paper. You can protect linens such as blankets, sheets, and towels with a sheet of packing paper lining the bottom of your boxes. 

 Packing your bedroom – Keep the dressers full 

When you’re moving your closet and wardrobe, or any furniture with the dressers, take that as an advantage! This is a cool and useful tip when it comes to packing your bedroom. If you need more space and you don’t want to pay for more boxes, you can leave small items in dressers, such as socks, decorations, books, etc. And what is next for packing, how about learning some tips for packing your home appliances. Just make sure you don’t overpack the drawers or it will be too heavy to lift and relocate. When you fill drawers, use plastic to wrap them so they don’t slide or open during relocation. More space, and fewer boxes! 

clothes in a closet
If you’re doing last-minute moving, leave clothes on hangers and pack them in trash bags, that will save your time and space.

 Moving mattress 

Packing your bedroom means dealing with mattresses too. We all agree that mattress is probably the most important item in your bedroom responsible for your good sleep and rest. And if you pay a good price for it, then you surely don’t want to damage it during the move. Also for those hard-working mothers, learn some packing tips for busy mums too. If you don’t want to hire movers, make sure you buy a heavy-duty plastic mattress bag, which will keep it protected during relocation and from dirt and dust. If you are relocating bed and mattress with your car, place it on the top of your car and wrap it good. 

Books and frames with photos 

People usually keep books and frames with photos as a part of the decoration in their bedroom. While packing your bedroom, you need to put away and pack small things first. Owning a few books is not a big deal, but if you own a small library in your bedroom that could be a challenge. Books are often very heavy, so you need to pack them into smaller boxes and make sure they are easy to carry. Framed photos and pictures require extra protection because they can be easily damaged during relocation. You can use packing paper, newspapers or clothes and wrap them individually and put them in the box. Later, you can pack all of your boxes tightly with crumpled packing paper to prevent items from shifting during transport. 

For bed and large furniture hire movers for packing your bedroom

The most important part of our bedroom is, of course, a bed. No matter the size and material, bed and large furniture are not easy to pack by yourself. You need to remove a huge mattress and lift heavy things. If you don’t want to be exhausted, sweaty and tired for packing your bedroom, hire professional movers. They will easily and fast pack your heavy furniture. Load the moving truck and relocate them to your new address. Lifting and disassembling the bed can be dangerous and you may be hurt. If you still want to do it, keep the instructions on hand and ask your friend to help you. When you finish the process place the pieces of the bed in boxes and label boxes so you can find them later easily.