Tips for selling your home this summer

Maybe you’ve inherited a house. Maybe you want to move so you are selling the one you own at the moment.  No matter the reason, you are selling your home this summer. Selling isn’t an easy task. When you sell, you need to offer something people will need or like. Preferably, both at the same time. Selling a bike or a phone is much easier. The money in question is much smaller and it’s not that big of a responsibility. People love buying and selling small stuff but it’s quite a challenge to make them buy or sell something on a larger scale. So, let’s help you in selling your home this summer well.

It won’t be hard if you advertise well

The pandemic has changed the world a lot. Before, people used to buy flats in downtown areas, and having your condo in the city center was considered a sign of prestige. However, the pandemic made people change their perspectives a lot. After spending lockdown inside their flats, without being able to breed fresh air or spending some time soaking in the sun, people realized how good it can be to have your own backyard. So, base half of your advertising on that and you will have no problem finding customers.

A woman is wearing a mask and holding bars on a window
Point out the good sides of owning a home and sell the idea.

Paint before selling your home this summer

Once your movers in Baltimore County relocate all your furniture, you can start painting. Painting your walls, fence, and doors is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the chances of successfully selling your home this summer. It will look refreshing.

You can do the same with the interior. Find a suitable color for your walls and make them warm and welcoming. Here are some suggestions:

  • Green – if you find the right shade, green gives an impression of tranquility and peace.
  • Light blue – an excellent choice if you live near a large body of water like a lake or sea. It makes the home look more in element with the environment.
  • White – it’s a classic to use to freshen up a place.
  • Orange – you can make your home look sunny even on rainy days.

Once your home looks fresh, you can move onto some other ways to improve it before selling your home this summer.

Declutter the place

If you aren’t moving all of your furniture (or any of it) you should make sure you declutter your home. Summer is the time of year when there is more sunlight and that provides you with an opportunity to soak the rooms in sunlight and make them more appealing to interested buyers. Take out all the unnecessary furniture, remove heavy drapes from windows and let lots of natural light in. Depersonalize the space so other people can find it easier to envision themselves living in your house.

Combine the fresh feeling of summer with cool temperature and fresh smells and people will experience a pleasant shock when they enter the place. The first impression is really important.

A hand is painting fence with a brush
Paint your home and you will make the place look fresh.

Move extra stuff to a storage

People often make the same mistake of moving all the stuff they don’t need to one room. Some people have a spare room, some have the attic and some the cellar. All the furniture, clothes, and other extra stuff end up there. While it can be a convenient solution while you are living there, it isn’t a solution for when you are opening your house to potential buyers. Most of the time, they want to see every room, including the one you filled with stuff and made it look like a bomb fell in there. So, just in case, rent a storage space. That way, you will avoid any inconvenience.

Find good and reliable storage space and take all your stuff there. You will empty the house and make it available for potential buyers to inspect it from top to bottom and stay pleasantly surprised by its tidiness. When you empty your rooms, you can also do some cellar or attic remodeling to increase the price of your home.

Host an open house event before selling your home this summer

An open house event can do a lot to improve your chances of selling the house soon or even raise the price of the house. Summer is the season when people are relaxed. People go on vacation, kids are on summer break and everyone feels less pressure than throughout the rest of the year.

That’s why you should host an open house in a form of a party. Make it happen during the evening hours. It won’t be a problem since the daytime is longer during summer and people end their work a little bit earlier. Play some nice music that will relax the guests, get some snacks and you can even host a BBQ. Open all the doors and let the people circulate through the house. It will give them a chance to get to know the place better and you will increase the number of potential buyers.

People are rising glasses for a toast
Make a nice party and attract potential buyers by showing them your home.

Keep the time during summer in mind

Once moving companies in Maryland relocate your stuff, you can start selling the place. However, keep in mind the time. Not all months during summer are the same. There is a thing called the summer cycle. There is the beginning of the summer, which is May and June. In this period, there is a lot of buyers patrolling the market. More options mean they can try to bargain with you. However, if the offer comes in July or August, the situation is different. Because of that, your buyers might feel pressure to buy a home as quickly as possible… especially if they want to enlist their youngsters into some specific school.

Obviously, the situation varies from case to case and every person is different. However, some things in life are universal. Remember your client’s mindset and you will sell a house without any trouble. Don’t panic if you don’t sell the house within the first few days. Sometimes, it takes a little longer than that if you want to sell it well. Don’t worry and prepare for selling your home this summer.

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