Tips for storing books in a storage unit

If you love to read, you probably have a great collection of books and a big library at your home. However, adding more shelves each year can be expensive and it can become a real issue. On the other hand, of course, that you don’t want to get rid of them, because they are probably valuable, or you think you may read them again one day. The real problems occur when you need to relocate or renovate your house or a flat. Then you are left with the question of what to do with so many books. Movers Baltimore won’t have any problems transferring your books wherever you want. However, is it really practical every time? The best solution is to store them. You will find out how if you read our tips for storing books in a storage unit.

Prepare your books for storing

Whatever the reasons for storing your books in a storage unit, you need to prepare them well. Maybe you will keep them stored for a longer period, or you just need them to be safe until you have space for them after the relocation. Either way, they need to be well-prepared before you lock them up. When you find a safe Baltimore storage unit, you should ensure that your books arrive in good condition.

Books on a wooden shelf
Over time, you can run out of space for your books

A few things you have to do before you start packing them for storage include:

  • cleaning,
  • drying,
  • protecting.

Clean your books before storing

No matter how well you take care of your books, some damage can always happen. For example, when we read, we love to have some snacks and sip our favorite drinks. Coffee stains are almost impossible to get rid of, especially if we don’t let them dry. So, before putting your books in a storage unit, make sure they are clean. Inspect them well to see if there are any, even the smallest, food leftovers, or liquids that are not dried. If you don’t do that, once your books are sealed, mold or mildew will form and your books will be damaged.

Even if you don’t use food or drinks near your books, standing on a shelf means they can be really dusty. And yes, this occurs even if you clean them regularly. So, before you call movers in Baltimore County to help you transfer your books to your storage unit, make sure there is no dust. You need a slightly wet soft cloth and a dry one. First, clean the cover, then the spine, then the edges of the pages. Make sure you dry them well. Don’t use too much water, nor any cleaning solutions. This can damage the cover.

Put your books on some fresh air

Let’s face it-you probably have some books in the back parts of your shelves that you haven’t touched in years. If that is the case, they will require a little bit of extra attention. This means you will have to clean them more than once and maybe use more water on your cloth. Unfortunately, in cases like this one, it can happen that you don’t dry your books well before you pack them. As we have already said, it can cause mold or mildew to appear. So, drying your books after cleaning is important. The best way to do so is to take them out on some fresh air. You can do this even with the ones you haven’t used a wet cloth on. When being on a shelf for too long, books can smell musty. Airing them out will help get rid of that unpleasant smell.

Books on the grass
One of the tips for storing books in a storage unit is to fresh them out

One of the tips for storing books in a storage unit includes dust jackets

Yes, dust jackets can be very annoying sometimes. First of all, most of them just don’t look good. Secondly, they are really getting on your nerves while you are trying to read, and they get all wrapped up. However, they do have a purpose. Dust jackets really protect your books, especially from dust, as their name implies. But, in some cases, they can protect your books from scratches and spills also. So, one of the main tips before storing your books is to use dust jackets.

Use wrapping paper to wrap your books

If you have a few hundreds (maybe even thousands) of books, wrapping them in paper before packing and storing them won’t be easy. It can take a lot of time, and not to mention that those materials cost a lot of money when you need them in great amounts. One of the solutions is to use packing services in Baltimore to help you solve that problem. On the other hand, you can wrap only some of your books. The most valuable and rare ones should have double protection. Don’t use newspapers, because they leave stains. Use clean wrapping paper. Also, it is very important not to use plastic bags, because there can be some moisture over time when you seal them.

a person holding a coffee knows tips for storing books
We usually eat and drink while reading, so our books get stained

Pack your books

Regular cardboard boxes are enough to pack your books. One of the tips for storing books in a storage unit is not to put them in huge boxes. Maybe you will need a lot of smaller ones, but they are easier to move. Besides, if you put too many books in one box, they can be too heavy and those on the bottom can get damaged. Also, it is important to lay them flat. The biggest and the heaviest ones should be at the bottom.

Finally, store the books

When you have packed your books, it’s finally time for storing them. If possible, use a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, the temperature changes won’t affect them. Store the boxes vertically, one on top of another. Don’t make the stacks too high though, because they can be heavy. Why risk them falling and getting damaged? Also one of the main tips for storing books in a storage unit is to check them from time to time. You can clean them and make sure they are still in a good condition. If you follow these rules, your books will be as good as new for a long time.


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