Tips for storing oak furniture

You might decide to store your furniture for a number of reasons. Placing furniture in a storage container is a sensible decision whether you’re relocating with movers in Baltimore County, decluttering, or downsizing. Looking to safeguard the furniture and store it for a few weeks or months? We have your back. Here are some suggestions for storing oak furniture to keep it in good shape.

Clean your furniture

Before placing your furniture into a Baltimore storage unit, make sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Our furniture sees so much use that it will inevitably accumulate grime. If you intend to keep your furniture items in storage for longer than a few months, cleaning it before you put it in storage also helps avoid potential degradation.

oak office furniture
Storing oak furniture requires meticulous planning

It’s crucial to give your furniture pieces a thorough cleaning before putting them away. Leaving dust, grit, dirt, or any other residue on your furniture can result in stains that become set in over time and may be difficult to remove after being stored for a long period of time. Mold, rust, or mildew should be removed immediately since they will spread.

While disassembling big items, group loose items together and mark them

The most challenging aspect of moving is gathering the miscellaneous items. When storing the extras for your larger things, be sure to keep everything organized. How do I store a pool table? Make sure you label and organize all the necessary equipment.

Go ahead and disassemble your furniture if you can do so safely. It is best to store furniture in sections since pressure or gradual warping over time could otherwise lead to breaking along joints and seams. It is not necessary to disassemble your furniture altogether, but taking out drawers, removing bed rails, and other similar actions will make storing your furniture simpler and safer. The ease with which the furniture may be moved to your storage is another advantage of disassembling it. You can always consider hiring residential movers in Baltimore to help you move your furniture to the storage.

Don’t place furniture on the ground

Lay a protective sheet on the ground whenever you’re prepared to move into your storage unit to elevate your furniture off the ground and safeguard it. Use pallets if you have them or spread out a tarp or cardboard on the ground.

When storing oak furniture, cover your furnishings

To protect delicate goods like mirrors or glass table tops, use bubble wrap. Use old bedsheets and duvet covers or invest in some dust sheets to cover larger items to stop dust from gathering on them. Plastic covers should not be used since they can retain moisture.

Most wood, upholstered, and metal furniture should have a covering that keeps the surface protected while still allowing air to flow around it. To ensure that plenty of air may still circulate around the furniture, wrap or drape the coverings loosely.

bubble wrap
Carefully cover your stored oak furniture

Select climate-controlled storage with sealed floors

Climate-controlled storage containers are nearly always going to be your best bet for storing oak furniture. Non-climate-controlled places are at the whim of the elements. The extreme heat and humidity can encourage the growth of mold and hasten the degradation of your furniture.

Last words

If you’ve ever utilized the moving services that movers Baltimore offer, you know how good they are at loading a truck. It resembles Tetris in real life. Your storage area can benefit from the same treatment. To make sure you can readily access any products you might need, make sure to ask your movers to leave some space in the unit so that you can walk freely.

If you have any doubts about storing oak furniture feel free to ask your movers for advice. They are experts and will be able to give you valuable advice.