Tips for transporting a large-area rug

Transportation represents one of the most important aspects of the move. Your moving truck is going to be one of the crucial resources that you should make sure to secure on time. Depending on the size of the truck, you will want to invest more or less time in carefully packing your items for the move. More often than not, you will be looking into the how-to videos of careful packing. Transporting a large-area rug is going to play a significant role in determining whether you should need to look to book a larger moving truck instead of settling for a smaller one. However, if you are looking to save as much money as possible, you will be doing your best to pack your rug to the smallest size as possible. Today, we are going to help you prepare for transporting a large-area rug in the easiest way possible.

Two traditional carpets
Prepare your carpets before transporting them.

What to do for easy transportation of a large-area rug

Proper planning for moving represents one of the most important links in this process. Taking your move for granted is a characteristic of almost all failed moving process. As some like to say, not preparing is preparing to fail. This is not what you should do. You should do your best to gather as much information on the move as possible. Apply the knowledge that you have gathered and your move should be easy to complete successfully.

Now, in order for transporting a large-area rug to take place easily, you should either contract moving services Baltimore or make sure to pay attention to the following details if you decide to take on this task yourself:

  • Make sure to clean your rug before you start packing it
  • Roll it in the proper direction in order to protect it from suffering damage during the move
  • You can fold some rugs instead of rolling them up too
  • Secure them so that they do not unroll

Sounds easy? Let’s find out how easy or difficult it really is!

Clean the rug before you start packing it

The first thing that you need to pay attention to when moving is that you clean your items before the relocation day comes. This way, you will be making sure that your new apartment needs the least amount of cleaning as possible.

Rugs are very special items when it comes to cleaning. They gather and contain dirt and dust probably the most out of all items in a home. Therefore, it is important to make sure to clean them before you start preparing them for transportation. Cleaning can take a few phases, depending on how dirty your rug may be. Another thing that depends on the carpet is how you’ll clean it. Not all carpets can be cleaned the same way. Make sure you read the instructions from the manufacturer to know how best to clean yours.

Make sure to vacuum-clean when preparing for transporting a large-area rug
Vacuum-clean your rug before transporting it

Still, regardless of the dirt, you need to make sure that you vacuum-clean your rugs first. This, after all, is the basic type of cleaning a rug. Then, you need to wash it with shampoo and water. Now, this may prove to be a tricky part. The cleaning itself can take a while but is somewhat easy to complete. Letting the rug dry is the main issue that you are going to face at this point. Therefore, you could perhaps talk to professional carpet cleaners about having all of your rugs and carpets cleaned by them. Obviously, they should bring back your carpets before your moving company Baltimore professional movers arrive.

Transporting a large-area rug requires you to roll it in the proper direction in order to protect it from suffering damage during the move

Once cleaned and smelling nice, you are going to want to move on to the next phase of transporting a large-area rug. Now, you need to roll your rug in the right way. Otherwise, it could suffer damage. Plus, if you roll it the right way, the roll will hold tighter. This means that transporting a large-area rug is going to be easier.

In order to roll it the right way, you need to roll it against the direction of the nap. The way to locate the nap is by placing your palm over the surface of the rug. Feel the fibers? That’s it! Now you are ready to start rolling it and preparing it for your residential move MD. Since the carpet is probably one of the last things you’ll pack in a room, your move shouldn’t be far away now!

You may fold rugs instead of rolling them up

Depending on the material that they are made of, folding rugs is also an option.

Image of Persian rugs
Some rugs are easier to fold than roll

This is a packing technique that can usually be easily applied to smaller and less thick rugs. For you, it is going to be important to figure out what is the proper way of transporting a large-area rug in your possession. Examine it and pack it properly before your chosen movers arrive. Alternatively, let reliable packers MD take care of packing for you.

Transporting a large-area rug – secure it against unrolling

We have already mentioned that rolling your rugs against the nap will help the roll hold tighter. However, you are still going to need to make sure to secure it well against unrolling. The best way to do it is to wrap it with tape for example. If the duct tape is something that you do not have at hand or does not seem all that material-friendly, you can always use a small piece of rope. Ultimately, depending on the size of the rug, tying it with a belt is also a good idea.


Transporting a large-area rug is not that difficult. However, preparing to do it can be. Therefore, prepare to clean and pack your rug properly in order to transport it easily.