Tips on negotiating with movers

Yes, we understand that you get stressed even when starting to think about moving. It can be complicated, overwhelming, and more than anything – expensive. That’s why negotiating with movers is necessary to get the best offer you can. If you have the right approach and learn how to deal with your relocation, this can be a pretty amazing experience. Don’t let yourself accept the first, roughly calculated offer and have a headache later on. It is important to have the right plan and ‘fight’ for an affordable, safe and stress-free move – because you definitely deserve it.

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We know that negotiating with movers takes skill – but we are there to help you learn!

Plan your relocation

Before you dive into the waters of moving offers and estimates, it is important to understand what are your needs and how much you can pay for it. Prepare for the move in these simple steps:

  • find out the average costs. To be able to prepare your moving budget, you need to understand the average costs for a house of your size. You can talk to your friends and family who recently moved and ask them how much money they spent, too.
  • think about what you are moving – be sure to count all the items or moving boxes you are about to relocate. Be sure to measure the distance of your old and new home, and think about any special items moving/conditions you may need.
  • use a free estimate calculator to get a rough idea of your moving costs. Of course, the details will be calculated later.
  • make a moving budget – after you researched about the costs, you can prepare a moving budget. We advise you to stick to that plan, but not too firmly. Sometimes, unexpected costs do come up, so be sure to keep that in mind. However, if you know what to expect, there will be little room for deviation and surprises.
planning of relocation and negotiating with movers
Before negotiating with movers, you need to plan your relocation and know what to expect.

Find the reliable movers

In order to do any good negotiating with movers, it is necessary to find reliable, experienced companies. Do some online research and be sure to find companies that have a lot of positive reviews. You can also ask the people you know for recommendations because internet reviews can be tricky. Learn how to recognize fraudulent movers and avoid them at any costs. Only trustworthy companies are a possible choice when it comes to affordable and safe moves. So be sure to choose top-rated moving companies that offer affordable services and have positive reviews online.

Before negotiating with movers, get a couple of options

When choosing a moving company and negotiating with movers, it is important to have a couple of options. Make sure to get offers from at least three reliable moving companies. This way, you will be able to compare their services and pricing and choose the best one that suits your needs. When you have a couple of reliable options, your power of negotiating with movers will be stronger.

How to get the right offers

Before you start comparing and negotiating with movers, you need to get offers from each of your choices. That’s why you need to:

  • request visual offers – over-the-phone offers can sometimes be unclear, so demand an offer that is written.
  • be specific – make sure that the moving company understands what you need from them. Be specific about your requests.
  • arrange in-home visits -it is important that a moving company representative comes to your home and makes a list of items they need to move. Also, they will be able to consider any other important factors like stairs, floors, tricky hallways, etc.
  • show them everything – be sure to show the movers everything you need to relocate so they can make an inventory list and prepare for packing.
  • remember that price is not the proof of quality – when negotiating with movers, you should always keep in mind that the price doesn’t show the quality of their services. You can easily find affordable moving and storage Baltimore which is safe and trustworthy, with amazing services. Don’t be tricked by the offers that are too good to be true.
moving new home keys
A good moving offer is not difficult to get, but it takes organization and negotiating with movers

Have a good communication when negotiating with movers

Being friendly and having good communication is the key to successful negotiating with movers. Don’t let yourself be too strict but also not too loose and friendly. Negotiating with movers is all about communication so try to be friendly and business-like at the same time.

How to negotiate

If you plan on getting a good, budget-friendly offer for your relocation, you can try to:

  • be flexible – if your relocation is sudden and strict, expect no discounts, but even pricier rates. However, if it is possible for you to move on different dates, it can be your ticket to discounts. Moving companies offer discounts for flexible dates and moving during the off-season. Furthermore, the time of your move (late/early in the day) can also help you get a lower rate.
  • ask for special offers – don’t be shy to ask for a discount or a special offer if you heard a company promotes it. Sometimes, companies will not calculate a discount you saw on their website unless you ask for it. So do your homework, do some research on their websites and look for special offers.
  • ask for discounts if you take a couple of their services – for example if you need both moving services and storage Baltimore, some companies offer discounts.
  • compare the companies – if you researched and got a couple of options, you can easily succeed in negotiating with movers if you show their competition’s offer. Ask them to lower their quote like the other company did, which they will probably do so they don’t lose a client to another company. This is especially handy ‘trick’ if you like a company but they are a bit too expensive for you.
  • reduce your moving costs by moving fewer items – do some decluttering before the move so you have fewer items to pack and that means – lower moving costs!
  • ask friends and family to help you – if you have someone to help you with some moving chores, you can easily negotiate the lower price and save on special services.
  • be persistent – don’t give up if a company says no to your requests. Try again, maybe the next time they will accept it. If you are persistent enough, you may end up with a very attractive moving offer.

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