Top Baltimore neighborhoods for newcomers

You’re about to move to Baltimore, but you’re wondering what’s the best neighborhood for newcomers? No matter where we’re moving to, we always search for a pleasant and friendly neighborhood to live in. Each part of the town is special in its own way and surely you’re going to choose one that suits your lifestyle and habits. While you consider moving to Baltimore, we highly recommend checking long distance movers Baltimore to ease your relocation and give you moving advice. While smaller neighborhoods are considered to have less crime and lower cost of living, not every person likes living in an area like that. Yes, we can rely on public opinion and speculation, as well as on Internet reviews and blogs, but we can’t we can not objectively claim just one neighborhood to be the best. As it depends on your lifestyle, we are going to show you several nice neighborhoods for newcomers, and you pick the right for you! Good luck! 

top neighborhoods in Baltimore
If you want to feel urban lifestyle and you like going to the bars and parks, then Downtown is the best choice for you.

Downtownthe first place on our Top Baltimore neighborhoods list

Baltimore is not a metropolis like New York City or Los Angeles, but it’s the largest city in the state of Maryland in the United States. It has a population of over 603,000 and represents the largest such independent city in the U.S. Because it has over 250 neighborhoods, this city is called a “city of neighborhoods.” But if you like the urban lifestyle and living around coffee shops, restaurants, bars, cinema, parks, and shopping malls, Downtown is the best place to live. Center of the city may not be a dream place to live, but people with a fast lifestyle this is the best option. For newcomers, it’s always good to be near the city center. Renting in Downtown is more popular than purchasing. Its population is around 4,872. And when it’s about residents, many young entrepreneurs and professionals live in Downtown. Take a look at moving companies in Maryland to get the best offers and relocate your things to Baltimore without stress. 


Riverside is among top Baltimore neighborhoods, based on Internet user reviews and resident’s blogs. It’s a friendly neighborhood located in southwest Baltimore, Maryland. with a population of 10,445 and considered as one of the best districts in Maryland to live in. In this area, owning a house or an apartment is more popular than renting because it’s cheaper compared to Downtown. Living in this place offers an urban lifestyle too, while it’s being considered liberal and friendly. Families with children tend to choose this neighborhood often, so if you are a newcomer with your family think about Riverside.

skyline view of baltimore
Baltimore supports diversity and it’s home to 250 neighborhoods, each with its own culture, style and sense of community. A friendly place for newcomers!

Top Baltimore neighborhoods Homeland

Homeland is a beautiful area when it’s about top Baltimore neighborhoods. It has a population of 5,872 and with lower costs, many people tend to own their homes here. There is very little crime, especially if we compare it to the rest of Baltimore districts. This is a great area for newcomers as it is continually diversifying. You can find public and schools and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. So, if you’re searching for a more lazy and slow lifestyle, choose Homeland.

Inner Harbor

Top Baltimore neighborhoods without Inner Harbor? No way! Inner Harbor has a population of 5,603 and it’s an amazing place to live in. Renting and owning a home is about 50-50 here even if it’s considered a little bit costly than other areas in Baltimore. With all these neighborhoods and choices to make you need to know how to prepare your relocation budget. This is a neighborhood that has all the facilities you need, and also a lot of tourist destinations to explore.  

night time traffic
Consider all the pros and cons of these neighborhoods!

Top Baltimore neighborhoods Locust Point

If you’re searching for top Baltimore neighborhoods, take a look at Locust Point. This is also a popular neighborhood located in South Baltimore, and it’s surrounded by the Locust Point Industrial Area. This place once served as a center of Baltimore’s Polish-American, Irish-American and Italian-American communities. With a population over 3,091, this is also a part of the town with lower costs so many people own their home here. Locust point has a minimal commute and it’s considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Baltimore. Don’t worry about the traffic jam and parking lots. People are friendly and parking is easy to find. This place has an amazing multi-purpose park for the entire neighborhood.  

Federal Hill

Looking for more top Baltimore neighborhoods? Check Federal Hill. With a population over 7,577, Federal Hill is an urban place to live in Baltimore. This area is named for the prominent hill that can be seen from the Inner Harbor area. The hillside has lots of green areas and serves as a community park. This area is popular among college students and young people. This area supports diversity and you will be easily accepted as people are very friendly. Federal Hill is close to the harbor and has a lot of restaurants, bars and places to enjoy. Transportation is very good and you can easily go anywhere. Also, there is even a free public bus 

port of baltimore
Federal Hill is among Top Baltimore neighborhoods no doubt about that!

Roland Park

Being among top Baltimore neighborhoods, Roland Park gives you the feeling of living in the suburbs while also living in the city. The area has a population of 7,645 and most people choose to own their home rather than renting. With relocation, you need insurance, and there are things to know about moving insurance too. This place is especially popular among young people and it’s surrounded by many public schools, a great library, good restaurants and bars, places for shopping and parks. Since there is a strong sense of community, families with children often move there. Wonderful parks and green areas are what attracts newcomers with families to live here.