Top cities for families in Maryland

Maryland is home to The Johns Hopkins University, Port of Baltimore and has one of the lowest poverty rates in the country. Small it may be, the Old Line State is one of the busiest states. Due to its prosperous tourism trade and diverse economy, this is one of the best states for families. Also, its residents have some of the biggest incomes in America. Commercial fishing and manufacturing are the largest industries here. With that in mind, let’s find out which are the top cities for families in Maryland. Once you know them, it will be all the easier to choose your new home and hire the best local movers Maryland offers.

What should the best cities for families in Maryland have?

  • The good school system and quality education are very important when moving with kids. You should make a research on this before you choose your new destination.
  • Is it safe enough? You don’t want to raise your children in the city with a high crime rate.
  • Can you afford to live here? This is a very important question when choosing the best cities for families in Maryland. You should pay attention to the costs of living. Research the ongoing monthly home costs, mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance costs, utilities, and fuel prices.
  • Is the city prospering and growing? Investigate a city’s economy by looking at average household income and income growth over a couple of years.

Which are the top cities for families in Maryland


This small town has a very warm and supportive community. Volunteer work, family activities, and festivals are very popular here. Its public education system is very good. There is a fair number of restaurants nearby, and the number of businesses is also increasing.  On its eastern border is located Liberty Reservoir, where residents can kayak and fish.

Prepare your piggy bank for living in top cities for families in Maryland.
Make sure you can afford to live in the city you choose.


This is the fastest-growing community in whole Anne Arundel County. Living in Odenton offers a warm suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Plenty of parks are ideal for outdoor activities. This is an ideal place for families and young professionals. The public schools are highly rated. In the last decade, its population grew severely. Income has kept up at the same pace, it posted a huge jump in that same period.

Ellicott City

This is probably one of the best cities for families in Maryland. Ellicott City’s magnificent environment offers you everything you need in a few miles’ radii. It’s proud of its low unemployment rate and the dependable job market. Consequently, CNNMoney has praised it for its solid economy.


This city’s schools have been proclaimed as the nation’s best. Towson High School was on the list of Newsweek’s best high school. This school features unique curricula, like the Law and Public Policy program. It also stands out for its interdisciplinary approach. It consists of teaching college-bound students communication, writing, and presentation skills. Also, in this culturally diverse neighborhood, everyone can fit in.

Child drawing
A good school system is very important when moving with kids.

Severna Park

Severna Park is a lovely waterfront community bounded by two rivers, the Severn and Magothy river. This amazing location gives you the opportunity to sail, fish and crab within driving or walking distance. Educational opportunities are also very promising and neighborhoods are safe. Severna’s students have the high achievement on standardized tests. Therefore, the schools earned a very high rating. There is an amazing trail going through the town. Hence, you can enjoy biking, running and hiking.

Also, there is a public library and community center with many programs. Your children can attend ballet and swimming lessons. And during the summer, you can purchase organic veggies at the farmer’s market. Costs of living are probably a bit higher than the average.


Catonsville sits on the western border of Baltimore. This place is a home to a historic downtown district. You will be amazed by beautiful Victorian homes and a traditional main street. Also, it has a high-quality school system. Catonsville Middle School has been picked for Maryland Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Its outstanding students and teachers made this happen. You can enjoy many family friendly, health conscious, food enthusiast choices along the main street of Fredrick Road. The supportive community organizes parades, festivities, live music, and farmers’ markets.

Family having a picnic in park.
Parks are perfect for family outdoor activities, and top cities for families in Maryland have the best parks.

Also, children will enjoy visiting the Patapsco State Park just down the road. The outdoor enthusiasts can visit the tire park or venture out to hike. They can mountain bike, rock climb, swim, or enjoy a leisure stroll through the woods. Seafood lovers will be in their glory when they visit one of many crab houses in Catonsville.


Frederick is the second-largest city in Maryland and home to a bustling arts community. In addition to the architecture in the Historic District and the public installations are amazing art centers and private galleries around the city. The schools are very well organized and have strong academic programs. Public transportation is also reliable. Local attractions, such as the fair and Downtown Frederick, are all within close distance of each other. There is an abundance of job opportunities for young adults as well. Also, you can feel a strong family presence, especially downtown at the mom-and-pop shops. Therefore, Frederick is one of the best cities for families in Maryland.


This city is home to some of the best schools in the nationWootton High School has earned a Blue Ribbon price twice. Also, it consistently ranks in the Washington Post’s Top 100 High Schools in the U.S. Therefore, Rockville is probably one of the best cities for families in Maryland. Although being a relatively large city, everything is close by. There is a solid public transportation system. Additionally, Washington, D.C is just 30 min ride away, either by metro or a car. The city itself is very clean and cozy. There are several parks for dog-walking and jogging. Sports lovers will enjoy basketball and tennis courts. In downtown Rockville, you will find a movie theater, restaurants, shops, and various other shopping and service points. Overall, it’s a nice place to live in!

The fact is that whichever city you choose in Maryland you can hardly make a mistake. We hope that our list of top cities for families in Maryland has helped you in your decision-making process. Hire the best movers in Maryland and enjoy your family fairytale in Maryland.