Top colleges in Maryland

Maryland. A beautiful state located on the Eastern side of the United States of America. You probably know this state for its heavily forested mountains and other natural beauties. Another famous thing about it is its economic growth and diversity. Many people call it the “America in miniature” and this is because of the immense diversity and high degree of economic growth. One of the greatest contributors to this is the high influx of people coming into the state to study. Top colleges in Maryland have always been very lucrative for anyone who wishes to gain more academic knowledge. Long distance movers in Maryland are a branch of industry that is growing fast just because of this fact. In this article, we will talk about the best colleges in Maryland. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Best colleges in Maryland

Maryland is one of those states where every parent wants their child to go to college. This is because of the high ratings of these colleges. They are also one of the most perspective ones because most academics find a great paying job. This is because of the great system these colleges employ when it comes to the transfer of knowledge. So, before you start searching for expert moving companies in Maryland, you should read this article to know which college is for you! So, let’s see what Marylands has in store for you!

Many great colleges in Maryland!

Johns Hopkins University

If you are planning on applying for Johns Hopkins University, you better make sure that your score is high enough. They have a very small acceptance rate of just 11.4% making it one of the most competitive colleges in the United States of America. There are over 240 programs for you to choose from and they range from music and arts to computer sciences, natural sciences, medicine, geography, and many others. It was founded in 1876 and it has only grown since then. In the inauguration speech of the first college president, Daniel Coit Gilman, he stated that “Our simple aim is to make scholars, strong, bright, useful, and true”. And this is exactly what the college has been doing for the last 140 years, and probably will continue to do so for as long as it exists.

Johns Hopkins, one of the top colleges in Maryland
The Johns Hopkins University is one of the best in the state

The most popular programs at this university are bioengineering and biomedical engineering, public health, international relations and affairs, economics, and neuroscience. The campus is huge and it is home to more around 21.000 of students, both part-time and full-time. 20% of the students are not from the United States, and 193.000 alumni from this university are working abroad. This makes the Johns Hopkins University one of the leaders in creating an international community.

University of Maryland, College Park

This is another one of the best colleges in Maryland. It was rated number 8 by Kiplinger in the Best Value College department, and number 10 by the Princeton Review in the Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates department. This is because of its wide range of educational programs such as biology and biological sciences, criminology, economics, and psychology. These are also the most popular majors at the college and are just a small fraction of the 90 majors you can choose from. In addition, there are 107 master’s programs and 83 doctoral programs. This huge variety of choice is definitely one of the reasons why the University of Maryland, College Park is one of the best ones in the state.

They are also national leaders in academics, arts, and athletics. This is because they have an amazing introductory system called the Living and Learning program. This enables freshmen students to join the same residential building as other people with similar interests. This has proven a great idea since there have been many study groups with exceptional results forming in these residential halls. A huge number of 38.000 students definitely support this idea.

United States Naval Academy is also one of the top colleges in Maryland

This is one of the best solutions for those who live their student life and move on a budget. This is because they offer free tuition to all those who wish to enroll. It is a highly prestigious academy for people wanting to work in the military. While you are studying here, you will be registered as an active-duty midshipman, and upon graduating, you will earn the rank of second lieutenant in the Marine Corps or an ensign in the Navy. In addition to that, you will earn a bachelor’s degree in science. The most popular majors in the academy are economics, system engineering, and political science, among 25 other majors. Some people choose to enroll in science majors such as oceanography, naval architecture, and naval engineering, while others choose a more civilian-oriented major, such as economics or English.

Earn academic knowledge in Maryland colleges

Another important thing to add is that people that enroll in the USNA, begin their studies in the summer. This is because they join a special program designed to help you get ready for military service. You will learn, navigation, seamanship, arms handling, self-discipline, moral character, and leadership that will help you immensely into becoming an officer in the military after you graduate. So, organize a going away party for all your friends and say hello to college life!

Loyola University Maryland

This is the final one on this list of top colleges in Maryland. The Loyola University of Maryland is a college with intellectually rigorous education programs. This is because this is a Jesuit Catholic College and this is deeply rooted in their tradition. A great thing about this college is that there are over 25 graduate programs, and 30 undergraduate programs. The most popular of these are business and commerce, social sciences, psychology, and biological and physical sciences. However, these are not the only ones because many others opt for comparative culture & literary studies, computer science, visual arts, operations research mathematics, finance business administration, and others. So keep this university in mind when making your final decision!