Top colleges near Washington D.C.

Living a student’s life is something that many of us desire. The peculiar thing about this is the fact that the desire remains throughout one’s life. No matter whether you are still in high school or you may be a career-oriented young professional, that one period of being in college will remain one of the dearest periods of your life. Obviously, it is important to choose the right college for you. Not only does the college choice matter, but even more does the career that you decide to specialize in. While we cannot help you choose the career the right career path, we can help you find out what are the top colleges near Washington D.C. Therefore, if you are still looking for the perfect place for your transformation from a high-school student and into a college one, bear with us.

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Studying on Capitol Hill can be a dream come true

The colleges near Washington D.C. that you can choose from

There are plenty of colleges near Washington D.C. that you can choose from. After all, given the fact that we are talking about the capital city of our great country, this information should not come as a surprise. While having plenty of options available is a great position to be in, it does make it somewhat difficult to choose the best one for you. Sure, it is easy to discard the obvious options that are not worthy of your time.

However, how do you make the choice between the remaining ones? Well, you gather information. Only after you have gathered the information should you come to terms with your decision and organize your long distance movers Baltimore. Remember that it is perfectly normal to have some lingering doubts no matter how much research you do. As an adult, you will probably always wonder how different your life would’ve been if you’d chosen a different college. But this doesn’t mean you chose wrong; it just means you’re human.

So, in order to help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of the best college near Washington D.C.:

  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • Howard University
  • Catholic University of America

Now feels like the right time to dig more into details.

Georgetown University tops the list of the best colleges near Washington D.C.

The first among the best colleges near Washington D.C. that we are going to talk about today is Georgetown University.

This is the oldest Catholic university located in the historic district of Georgetown in Washington D.C and is a prime private research establishment. Also, the list of its alumni is pretty special. While you may not know the names of all previous presidents of the USA, one name will surely ring a bell. This is the university which Bill Clinton graduated from. Obviously, there are many more high profile ex-students, but we will not be going into much depth on the subject at this time.

In the case that you are looking for a career in diplomacy, Georgetown University should be on your radar.

colleges near Washington D.C. are a great place to jump start your career
Prepare well for your move and you will be in the perfect position to start your studies on the high note

George Washington University

The next step is a university with a very famous name. While George Washington may have been the first president of the United States of America and has already received an honor of having the capital city named after him, this is not where the list ends. George Washington University is one of the institutions that keep the memory of our first president alive.

In fact, it was Washington’s personal desire for an institution of higher education to be opened in the nation’s capital. This is exactly how George Washington University came to be.

In the case that you are looking to base your career in business or international affairs, George Washington University is the place to be in. Given the fact that the campus and the university itself are located in the same neighborhood as the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, you are probably going to need to acquire some more space for your items after the move. Storage units Washington DC are at your disposal.

Howard University

The third place on our list goes to Howard University.

Since day one, Howard University has been all about inclusivity. Therefore, while it was opened back in the late 19th century, Howard University was open to people all of genders and races. Since then, it was always considered an institution where the individuality of every person was respected and encouraged. So, if you are looking to experience one of the iconic universities in D.C., organize your residential move Washington D.C. and enroll in Howard. 

Catholic University of America

The last university that we are going to be talking about today is the Catholic University of America. While it may have been ranked last on our list of the best colleges near Washington D.C., you need to bear in mind that this is still one of the top universities in the country. Therefore, if you have been accepted, pack your items Washington right now!

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Choose your career wisely and you will finish your studies quickly and easily

Unlike the previous options on our list, Catholic University of America is located outside of D.C. It is one of the schools for liberal arts college kept in the highest regard throughout the country. There are currently 60 undergraduate programs that 12 schools offer. Obviously, the choice you’re going to have is going to be pretty vast.


There are many colleges near Washington D.C. that you can choose from. Still, you need to know why you are going to enroll one or the other. The best way to make your decision is to gather all available information. Then, think about what each of them brings to the table. Ultimately, you will come to the decision that will, most hopefully, be the right one for you. Therefore, start investigating now. Enjoy the fruits of your labor later.

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