Top MD cities for seniors

You have worked so far, gave up so much, been through a lot of stress, thick and thin. Finally, your time has come. We wish you a happy retirement! This is finally some ‘you’ time, and nothing else. You will get to relax, enjoy and live life to the fullest! This is all without any stress or without doing anything other than your hobbies. We couldn’t be happier for you. However, now come the ‘difficult’ decisions… Where to retire? If you are in the Maryland area, what are the top MD cities for seniors? Should you conduct a long distance move or a short one? Well, read on and find out!

We are here to help you with our own list of top MD cities for seniors. Our list will, however, be of purely suggestive purposes. We claim nothing to be the absolute truth. This is all nothing more than our humble opinion. However, we hope that this very opinion will help you make your own. We may challenge some of your ideas or give you entirely new ones. This will be our way of taking pleasure into taking a very small part in your retirement, and all the wonderful decisions you need to make. Fortunately, Maryland is filled with beautiful places for you to move into during your retirement. In addition to this, there are numerous other seniors that share the same sentiment, choosing Maryland as their new home. We are almost certain that you will not regret this decision!

Top MD cities for seniors

The rest of the article will focus on demonstrating our list of cities for you, pointing out their advantage but also not hiding from their downsides (if there are any). The list will be entirely subjective on our end, so it is absolutely ok for you to disagree with parts of it, or with the entire list. The point and the idea behind having one are to try to help you with your decision. This will either help you to choose a place, or to be certain about which places you are not going to choose. Either way, skimming through it can’t bring any harm. If you end up needing moving and storage Baltimore, then just come back to that link and go from there.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right to it!

City in the night
There are many great cities for seniors!

Bel Air

Our top contender and number one choice on the list is Bel Air. Given how good this place is, you may not even go through the rest of the article. This may be us shooting ourselves in the foot, but we wish to respect your time and give you our best choice from the getgo. However, this doesn’t mean that the cities coming after this one are any bad, we just deem this one to be our utmost favorite. There are many cities in Maryland that your movers Carroll County MD can recommend, as well!

One of the most important benefits of living in Bel Air is the fact that it has approximately 11 health centers in 1000 people living there. Whether you wish to admit it or not, this is highly beneficial for all seniors. Even if you don’t need any, knowing that you have these health centers within arms reach is very soothing. You simply feel safer knowing this fact. I know my own grandfather was thrilled and relieved to know that this is the case.

Other than that, your hobbies are going to be thrilled to know that there are countless options for you to pursue out of the house. There are 24 arts and recreation centers that you can find across the city that will please all your senses. You will be able to experience a lot and fill your day with countless displays that will be an excellent quality way of spending time.

Lastly, you are bound to have a lot of company. Bel Air is renowned for a very high population of retirees and seniors that share the common affection for the city.

Bel air is one of the top MD cities for seniors
Bel Air has many top-notch medical centers!

Top MD Cities for Seniors – Chevy Chase

Our second runner up in this competition of top MD cities for seniors is definitely, and undisputedly Chevy Chase. The statistic that Chevy Chase has going for itself is that fact that 40 percent of the population consists of seniors! This is almost like a mecca for senior citizens trying to find a nice, calming and relaxing place for themselves. If you are wondering whether or not you will be the only one of your age… Well, you are severely mistaken. If you end up choosing this place, make sure to familiarize yourself with Chevy Chase online presence.

There is a 40 percent chance that you will meet someone new and interesting around every corner if socializing is what you are looking for. Furthermore, Chevy Chase boasts the remarkable 11 health centers per 1000 residents, just as Bel Air does. This, as mentioned before, gives a very powerful dose of relief, knowing that whatever happens – you have a solution right around the corner, not having to struggle to get to it. Again, God forbid you ever need one, but if you do, they are at your entire disposition!

Old man and woman holding hands
It will be easy to find friends among seniors in Chevy Chase!


Last on our list is Chestertown. All the statistics of Chestertown are far less when compared to Chevy Chase and Bel Air, but it has one amazing thing going for it – the riverfront. This is an entirely different ballgame. Even though it does not have as many art and entertainment venues, it has the riverfront! I know many seniors who would trade such a gorgeous riverfront for all the art galleries on the planet.

But, this is your show and your decision, and we are offering our humble perspective. Maybe our list is not good enough, but at least now you’ll know which three cities not to consider. However, if we hit the spot we are more than happy!

Happy hunting!