Top things to do in Baltimore after moving

After a big move, the transition period is always difficult. Depending on where you are arriving from, it is more or less challenging to feel good in your new home. Considering that Baltimore is the biggest city in Maryland, most certainly a newcomer will have a hard time adjusting. Therefore, we at All State Moving and Storage have decided to help you and give you a list of top things to do in Baltimore after moving to your new place. Firstly we need to ask a question. What are the advantages of living in Baltimore? Above all Baltimore is very centralized when it comes to its state. You will be two hours away from skiing down a mountain or relaxing on a beach. If you are an outdoorsy type, the inner city harbor will have activities that will keep you occupied.

The National Aquarium is among the top things to do in Baltimore after moving

The National Aquarium has a great reputation. It isn’t just the best aquarium in Maryland, but also among the best ones in the whole US. It’s not a rare occasion that our long distance movers Maryland hear people moving to Baltimore that they can’t wait to visit it. The building itself is divided into five levels. Every level contains remarkable marine life. The sea creatures come from all over the world, so you can come across fish from the Amazon to the ones swimming along the Australian coast. When you enter the building itself, you really immerse yourself in the wildlife as it seems like you are swimming around. As you can imagine, this is a great place to take your kids. But you are not the only one that has the National Aquarium on their list of places to visit so be quick to reserve your spot.

Child looking at an aquarium
The National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the best in the US

Camden Yardstop

If you are a sports fan, then Camden Yards will be one of the top things to do in Baltimore after moving. It’s the place of the sports legends museum where you can find stories and artifacts from the baseball legend Babe Ruth. Also, it’s where Oriole Park is located, home of the Baltimore Orioles. Our local movers Baltimore recommend that you visit the stadium on game day. That is definitely the best way to feel the spirit of Baltimore. Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan it’s a place worth visiting. All modern baseball stadiums are built to be similar to Oriole Park. And if you’re not a person that likes crowds you can always take a tour of the stadium instead.

Fort McHenry is among the top things to do in Baltimore after moving

The place that inspired the national anthem of the US is at the top of the things to do in Baltimore after moving. During the warmer period of the year, this national monument is booming with people. There are a lot of activities that are available to you. From the short film they play for you to remind you of the rich history of the place to the reenactments of battles and ranger guides that talk about Fort McHenry, this area is a great way to spend a couple of hours and remind you of the rich US history.

Flag of the USA
Fort McHenry was an inspiration for the national anthem of the USA

Inner Harbor is definitely on of the top things to do in Baltimore after moving

Once an immensely important seaport has now become the center of the city. The first thing that stands out is the old military ships inside the harbor. They serve as a kind of museum in the open. After that brief history lesson, you have plenty of options. Along the promenade, you will find a  lot of shops. Just watch out for a shopping spree or no Baltimore storage unit will be enough for you. Alongside the stores, there are amazing seafood restaurants and other attractions. Not to mention that if you have kids this will be the perfect spot for you. As the Inner Harbor harbors many places that will entertain your kids for hours.

Museums and Art in Baltimore

We already saw that Baltimore is an important US city culturally. From US history to the history of baseball, everything has its place here. But for the artist and people who enjoy art, there are plenty of places for you.

Baltimore Museum of Art

If you are into admiring beautiful pieces of art then the Baltimore Museum of Art should be on the top of the things to do in Baltimore after moving. It dates from 1914 and has a lot of modern and contemporary art on display. From the one painting on display when they started and now being able to have the art of Rembrandt on show, the Baltimore Museum of Art has established itself as a center of culture and art in the city. Enjoy every step of this art-rich museum.

Picture of a museum
Baltimore Art Museum is a great place to visit if you want do admire great artwork

Grafitti Alley

This alley is one of the rare hidden games in the whole state and beyond. Here people can make their art without any fear of fines. Taking into consideration the huge fines in Baltimore for making graffiti it’s nice to know there are places for people to express their art. So come down and take a lot at other people’s work or even create something of your own.

Food in Baltimore

The whole state of Maryland is famous for its seafood. Consequently, Baltimore is the capital of it. You can’t miss the restaurants along the waterfront as they will entice you with their smell. And believe us if you went in for the smell, you’ll stay in for the taste. But besides the seafood, there are also amazing steakhouses and little Italy if you like Italian food. Baltimore is also home to many great breweries and wineries, so don’t forget to enjoy the amazing things Baltimore has on its menu.

Baltimore is an astonishing place to start a new chapter in your life so try to make the best of it. From world-class attractions to places that are rich in history, Baltimore has it all. Visting some of the places on our top things to do in Baltimore after moving will not only let you better experience the city but also help you get to know the community. Enjoy Baltimore and we are sure it will be a perfect new home for you.

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