Top tips for moving a fish tank

Moving is hard as it can be. All the organization and packing ahead, not to mention all the costs and headaches. It is twice harder if you are moving with pets. Your pet is relying entirely on your loving devotion and delicate handling. But worry not, this process is simple with a few tips and tricks. Today we bring you something a bit more complex and yet exotic and exciting. Let us show you how to prepare for moving a fish tank.

Find a moving company you can trust

Since you are moving as well, you should prepare and organize adequately. If you cover all the steps in due time, you’ll have the better focus to commit to your pets. Moving a fish tank requires patience and thorough planning. Therefore, start with a moving company. You must find a reliable one, that can even assist you and your fishy friends. Ask your movers if they are pet-friendly and if they can share some knowledge on the subject. Some of the moving companies will even take care of your pet relocation entirely. Communicate this with your movers, maybe you can purchase a moving service that will make the transition much easier for everyone. Check out your residential movers Baltimore as one of the best local choices. We are sure you’ll find moving services that are extremely useful.

Fish bulb
The best idea is to enlist a professional moving company for the job. Your fish’s safety is what is important.

Also, do not forget to inspect your new home and figure out a new place for your fish tank. This is especially important if you are moving into a smaller home and you have less space to utilize than before. Think in advance and find a cozy spot for your fishy friends.

Your fish friends should pack their bags as well!

What makes this process complex is the combination of a glass aquarium, fragile fish, and the liquid environment you should maintain. It is still doable, but with a carefully laid plan. Keep in mind that you should pack your fish last but unpack them first. This is because you should transport and carry them around without any obstructions.

If possible, carry the container with your pets in your hands, or a lap. Unpacking them first will bring them faster and closer to their natural habitat and make this transition less emotionally challenging. Therefore, make a delicate approach and get your fish ready. Start by slowly draining at least half of the aquarium. Use buckets or glass bottles to store this water. Now, get some plastic bags designed for the occasion. You’ll get those at the nearest pet store. Carefully catch your fish with a net and place one in each bag.

Be sure that half of the bag is water and another half an air pocket. Seal each bag with a rubber band and your fish is ready to get transported. Place fishy bags in a previously mentioned bucket, or some other container you chose to use for the occasion. Keep it covered and dark. The darker environment will calm the fish and they might even take a nap, ignoring the move altogether.

Essential tips for moving a fish tank

Here are a few steps you should take, to prepare for moving a fish tank. Consider doing the following:

  • The water you stored in a bucket, bottles, or a similar container with a lid, will serve you later. You’ll need it to fill in the tank so your fish have the familiar smell and taste once in a new environment. But be sure to preserve the water adequately.
  • Remember the small plastic bags we already mentioned? Visit your pet store and obtain enough of them and be sure to have spares. Do not use any bags, but the ones from the pet store since they are specifically designed to hold a live fish.
  • Be sure to clean all the equipment you possess and especially to clean your fish tank. And maybe to have spares in case something is broken or lost while on the road. Take special care of the filtering system. Those are expensive and crucial for your fish’s existence. Clean tank and equipment will make it possible to set up everything within minutes, once you arrive at your new place.
  • Consider again if you should do this yourself or enlist the moving services and set your mind at ease. If you have expensive equipment and more than one tank, it would be smart to leave this to professionals.
Clean all your aquarium equipment before moving a fish tank
Clean all rocks, ferns, gravel, and filters. Your fish will appreciate the spring cleaning.

Moving a fish tank 101!

You probably have that feeling in the back of your head, that a fish tank is made from glass and therefore, easily breakable. Everything is susceptible to permanent damage if you drop it. So, do not worry, you’ll make this feeling go away if you protect your fish tank before lifting it up. Use blankets or a blister pack for this project. Simply empty your tank and wrap it in a couple of layers until it becomes a soft and fluffy bundle. Carry it in front of you using both hands and keep it in a straight level. Do not take it under one arm, or upon a shoulder, or anything like that. Eyes in front and be careful if there are stairs and doorways ahead. It would be awesome if someone can assist you and share the burden.

Its’ a swimming time!

In case there is a long journey ahead, visit your local pet store to advise on a proper way to handle long-distance relocation. Some species react differently and you need to obtain the knowledge about it. For instance, bags filled with pure oxygen are a mandatory thing for a longer voyage. But if you are moving long-distance, you need proper protection and a container that can hold until you reach the destination. Think about it upfront. We can again recommend checking a moving company that possesses all the tools for the job. Check out movers Owing Mills MD as they are the company that can handle such a request. They have tools, manpower, proper vehicle, and a delicate approach. All your pet needs. If you want to minimize the risk, give them a call today.

Fish tank
Unpack and set up your fishing tank as soon as possible. Make your friends feel at home!

You just became an expert for moving a fish tank. We are sure that your fishy babies are safe as they can be. All they need is a bit of delicate handling and a loving hand. Make sure that you find them a proper place they can call home. Unpack them as soon as you arrive at your new home and set up the fish tank as soon as possible. Spend some time next to the soothing waters of your aquarium. It will calm you down and help you overcome moving depression and it will do the same for your pets. We wish you and your fish the safest relocation possible. Good luck!

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