Top Virginia cities for businesses

So, you want to move your business to Virginia? That can be one of the best business decisions you have made. There are so many incentives to move your business to Virginia. One of them is the fact that the income tax in this state is just 6%. This is one of the lowest percentages in the whole nation. Also, the unemployment rate is 4.8%, which is lower than the national average of 5.3%. Things like these really say a lot about the economy of this state. Some other business incentives Virginia offers are economic and infrastructure development grants, and economic development loan funds and grants, reimbursement for recruiting and training services, and state tax credits for recycling old equipment. So, in this article, we will talk about why is Virginia such a good marketplace and some of the top Virginia cities for businesses. Let’s dive in!

Reasons why Virginia is a good marketplace

We have already said that Virginia is a good marketplace, now we will explain why is that so.

  • The very strong local economy

The cities in Virginia with the strongest economies have the lowest unemployment rate sitting at 3.9%. This is much lower than the national and even the state average. According to the United States Census Bureau, the median income in those top cities is $43,880.

  • The importance of Washington DC

Some of those communities which are listed in the top cities are located in fairly close proximity to the national capital. These include Tysons Corner, Fairfax, Warrenton, Falls Church, Vienna and Merrifield and you can clearly see how big of an impact of being close to the capital makes. It is also a very lucrative place for many corporate headquarters as many corporations have decided to build here. Moving to Washington DC has some pros and cons, but all in all, it is a great place to raise your family and your business.

congress building
The proximity to the National capital makes the economy better

Top Virginia cities for businesses

We will now move to list of the top Virginia cities for businesses, and also give the reasons to why they are one of the best.

Tyson’s corner

The Tyson’s Corner area is located in the Fairfax County and it is the central business district of the county. The businesses located here have an average yearly revenue sitting at $11.4 million taking up 26.4 million square feet. Boeing Co., Booz Allen Hamilton and Hilton Worldwide are one of the top companies in this district. Other than that, statistics show that there are 23.9 businesses per 100 people in Tyson’s Corner, making it one of the top Virginia cities for businesses. This ranks second highest among all of the districts in Virginia. If you see this as an opportunity for your business to thrive, office movers Baltimore will be happy to relocate your office here. It is very wise to give that kind of job to the professionals. You are probably aware of that since you are thinking about moving to the state with one of the best economies in the United States. In addition, there is the Tyson’s Corner Center, the largest shopping mall in all of Virginia.


This city is another one of those top cities we have mentioned before when it comes to the low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate sits at 4% which is lower than both the national and the state average. In addition to that, there are 25.3 businesses per 100 people. Furthermore, there is the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce that have a team of experts hell-bent on helping small businesses grow. Thy do this by organizing leadership training, monthly networking events, educational workshops, and marketing opportunities. If you are moving to Fairfax from another state, long distance movers Virginia will do their best to relocate your business in one of the top Virginia cities for businesses. Moving long distance has never been easier!

Suit up and move to one of the top Virginia cities for businesses!
Suit up and move to one of the top Virginia cities for businesses!


Located about 40 miles west of Washington DC area, Warrenton is one of the top Virginia cities for businesses. It has 21.2 businesses per 100 people, which is the 4th highest in Virginia. They also offer help to smaller businesses through the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce by giving you professional guidance, expertise, and resources. Its mission is to help local businesses grow, and pave their way to success. Its proximity to the Shenandoah National Park also offers a lot of recreational options for people that move here. If you live somewhere close to Warrenton and want to have the natural beauties that a national park offers, Virginia local movers are quite the experts on both residential and commercial moves.


This beautiful city is located in the Blue Ridge Highlands region of southwestern Virginia. This really makes this city great for anyone who is fond of the great outdoors. It has many great hiking trails that are very often occupied by local hikers. This makes exploring your new neighborhood even more exhilarating! In addition, this city has one of the lowest median prices sitting at 663$ a month. The city has 19 businesses per 100 people. Everyone that wishes to open their business here are helped immensely by the Washington County Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

guy looking at his watch
You need to know the precise time to move to Virginia!

Falls Church

This city is the closest to Washington DC of all the cities on this list. This really helps everyone commute and the 13.2 businesses per 100 people are enough proof for that. It also has a very high percentage of paid employees, sitting at 44% and the median yearly income is $91,932. The Falls Church Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses by promoting their companies through their networks. Another thing is that the median monthly rent prices are sitting high up at $2.149 but that will not mean much because you will probably be able to find a good job to sustain yourself. The low 3.9% unemployment rate suggests just that.


So, there you have it, the top Virginia cities for businesses. We hope that this list was useful in your future business endeavors and we wish you good luck in growing your company!