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Relocation is probably one of the most stressful events in your life. It has so many elements to it that it makes it practically unbearable. Especially if you are doing everything on your own. There is the upside – moving companies. Moving companies in Maryland are basically your best friend when it comes to relocating, should you choose to hire services of such companies. You could go as far as having them do everything for you, or just help you with certain elements. However, there are some elements to your move that you really wish to do on your own. These elements are private and should not be entrusted to professionals. Unless you really want to. Unpacking is one such element, and this is why we offer some unpacking tips to make this process easier for you.

Unpacking tips are helpful, but not as having someone with you to help you unpack
One thing that you should never miss when you start unpacking is another pair of helping hands.

Moving can be difficult, to say the least. But nothing is more difficult than unpacking since it is one of the last things you do. You are already exhausted because of the move and everything that happened, and on top of that, you have the unpacking moment. If you do one thing wrong you could ruin the whole project. This is why you need to be careful. Hopefully, using these unpacking tips all harm will be avoided.

Unpacking tips – dos and donts

Unpacking is a touchy business. Fortunately, there are unpacking tips that are universal and that anyone can follow. Unfortunately, there are many other things that are not universal but rather very specific to a person. Lastly, there are people who simply enjoy packing and unpacking. This article is not targeting those people because they are more than fine. We are more focused on those that are bad at packing, worse at unpacking and dislike the entire process greatly.

Be as it may, the one common denominator is the fact that this process is unavoidable. There is no going around it and it will wait for you, sooner or later, if you are moving. So might as well accept this fact. Unpacking is dreary and difficult, but these unpacking tips might make it a tad more bearable.

Create an unpacking system

Organization is the key to this task. You can’t simply rush blindly through it. The best way to approach this task is to create a system. This should be done before the step that many take which is randomly opening boxes hoping for the best. This is not the way to do it.

Make a system that will organize your unpacking.
Unpacking is best approached with a plan.

You need to know what you are unpacking, and you need a schedule as well as an inventory list in order to begin. This is so that you can make a system of unpacking that will usually populate room by room. You do not wish to unpack half a kitchen and half a bathroom at the same time, you might lose your mind in the process.


One of the biggest unpacking tips we can offer is that you should prioritize. Make sure to know what goes where, why and how. Make a plan of which rooms you need functioning first. Based on this, make sure to schedule which rooms will be enabled first. This will make any move much easier, let alone if it’s a long distance move.

In case you need long distance movers in Maryland start looking for them as soon as possible. The sooner you call them the lower the cost of the move will be.

The first box you open is the essentials box. This one should have been on top of the moving truck and it should contain everything you need to get through the next couple of nights. Hopefully, this step was followed through whilst packing. If not, make sure to scour the place for the necessary items, those that you will 100% need and use over the course of the next couple of days. These essential items are usually:

  • Basic toiletries
  • Meds
  • Books and paperwork with essential info
  • Food prep items

These are just some of the examples.

Wrap up the kitchen first

Grab all the kitchen boxes and unpack them. Put everything away. Hopefully, you have done box labeling carefully, hence this step should have no impediments. Or maybe you got the help of the professionals to pack your things. Then you should be set to start unpacking in an instant.

You do not have to go into too many details, at first. The idea is to enable the kitchen, so you could leave half of the items in the boxes and get out only the items you absolutely need to function (pots, silverware, plates, cups, etc.).

This is the first thing you should do to get the whole thing moving. Also, make sure to hook up the major appliances that make one’s life easier. These include, but are not limited to the coffee machine and the toaster.

Do the bedroom next

After you’ve wrapped up the kitchen jump to the bedroom! Put the beds together and make a small feng-shui like the organization of furniture in the room. You will feel good about it plus you need a place to power nap in. Plus, you need to prep for the first sleepover in the new home.

All the careful wrapping that you did, now you will slowly undo.
Whatever you did when you were wrapping, do it now just in reverse.

Each member of the family should set up their own bedroom and beds. This would be a good practice of organization for the unpacking process.

The bathroom comes on the very next spot

Bathrooms are important too. However, you do not need to go into too much detail. Just make sure it is functional. This way you are enabling the entire house, just enough for you to function. From that point on you can further enable each room little by little, box by box.

The theory behind it is to make the place functional as soon as possible, but make it fully ready one step at a time. This way you provide yourself with a lot of time to do it, meaning there will be few mistakes and no stress.

With a little luck, you’ll be up and running in no time!

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