Ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia

You’ve finally decided it’s time for a move to Virginia. You will rent a house from a landlord, but what is on top of the list of priorities for your new home? The dimensions of the house? The price of the rent? For most people, a good landlord isn’t a priority. However, sometimes a bad landlord can be a nightmare for tenants. That’s why we at Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland have decided to make a list of potential red flags. Here are just some of the ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia so you can avoid a hellish situation.

Ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia by asking important questions

As a renter you will be scanned by landlords, so they know you are a good tenant. But you also have a right to find out more about your landlord. For that reason, even before you start packing for a move, start asking questions. That will be one of the best ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia right from the start. If they hesitate with answering or outright don’t know an answer to a simple question avoid renting from that person at all costs.

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Don’t be afraid to ask important questions

Who’s the owner? 

This might seem like an unnecessary question but it’s very legitimate and needed. When problems arise you need to call your landlord. And if he didn’t disclose all the information you could be in a world of trouble. Always find out if the person you are talking with is the real owner or just part of management for the property. In the worst-case scenario, the person you are talking to could be a scammer.

Who manages maintenance and repairs? 

When there is a big problem that pops up you need to fix it. But is it a responsibility of yours or the landlords? Watch out because bad landlords will try to avoid this question. Don’t wait until something breaks to find out whose responsibility it is to fix it.

How well do they know the neighborhood? 

If your landlord doesn’t know the surrounding that is a red flag. You can’t receive more recommendations from your local movers Virginia than from your landlord – that’s a bad sign. A way to identify bad landlords in Virginia is that they don’t know where the nearest grocery store is, let alone a good restaurant.

Who takes care of the yard and the trash?

A good landlord will give you the needed information straight away. Unfortunately mowing the lawn and taking care of the trash by yourself isn’t very fun, but at least an upfront landlord will let you know what you have to do without hesitation.

A trash bag near the door
A good landlord always tells you what your responsibilities are in advance

Talking to tenants is a way to identify bad landlords in Virginia

A good landlord will have tons of reviews and positive reactions from existing and former tenants. The same is true for a bad one. A tenant that feels cheated or that a landlord mistreated him will make that known to potential new renters. Make sure that before your residential move to your new rented home you search for existing tenants and if possible former ones. They can be the key to giving you some vital information. If they had problems and feel the landlord didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain they will surely tell you about it. That’s a big red flag and one of the great ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia.

Landlord behavior as a way to identify bad landlords in Virginia

A landlord’s behavior is a very important factor. There are people who are extremely professional and are responsive whenever there is a potential new tenant. On the other hand, there are bad landlords. They don’t call you back for days, make you wait for them, and just outright make you feel like you are moving into a nightmare house. Don’t get in a situation where you need storage Virginia to store your stuff because you are outside of the house ready to move in and the owner is nowhere to be seen. Here are just some of the behaviors you should look out for.

They don’t call back

When you make a call to get some more information on the rental and they don’t respond it’s not such a big deal. but if they take days and weeks to respond to your call that’s a big red flag. If they aren’t calling you now imagine how difficult it will be to be in touch with them when you move in. Also if you were in their position wouldn’t you reply as fast as possible if you had a nice house ready to be rented out? Look out for that seemingly small thing as they may be the best ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia and beyond.

Woman trying to call her landlord
You want a responsive landlord, not a one that leaves you hanging

They are late

You make an appointment with the landlord to take a look at what they offer and they are late. That’s not somebody you want to pay your rent for months or even years. If they are acting like this now it will only get worse in the future. Owners like that probably won’t even tidy the house before you arrive and might want to rush you into a decision that might cost you money and nerves.

They rush you into signing the lease

A lease is a legal document between the lessor and the tenant. Your landlord can’t obviously add something outrageous, but can still put in small clauses that you might have overlooked because you were excited to start a new chapter in your life. But, don’t worry every state has its laws. In Virginia, there is the Virginia Residental Landlord and Tenant Act that we invite you to read. Even if it’s not the easiest to read it can still give good information on what your rights are. Just don’t be rushed into signing it and take your time to read everything in the document.

Renting isn’t easy. It can be a very risky and uncertain process for both sides. If you are a good tenant we are sure that you will attract good landlords, but let’s hope that our article helped you with finding ways to identify bad landlords in Virginia so you don’t get mixed up with the bad bunch. Enjoy your stay in Virginia and a good landlord’s home.

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