What are the best packing and moving supplies?

When you need to move, it means you need to pack. However, you cannot properly pack your items without supplies. All the movers in Baltimore County will agree that packing is the most important part of a relocation. If you fail to protect your items well, they might end up damaged or lost. In addition to this, you have to consider the weather and road conditions as well. It will be extremely expensive to replace your valuable items due to damage sustained during the transit. For this reason, here are the best packing and moving supplies to use for your items. 

Where to get the best packing and moving supplies? 

There are several ways how you can gather your packing supplies. First, you should find moving services Baltimore. You can get moving and packing supplies from your movers. However, this might be expensive. Instead of buying, you can rent supplies from your moving company. Next, you can get it used or even for free from local stores and offices. Mind you, this can be tricky as well. You should not use every cardboard box you find. Some might be weak or have tears. In addition to this, people usually worry about the number of necessary boxes. You should not overpack your boxes as this can also result in damage. The number of boxes depends on how many items you plan to move. All in all, it does not matter if you spend $50 or $500 on moving supplies. Just make sure they will offer proper protection for your items. 

a small store where you can the best packing and moving supplies
You can ask for moving boxes at small local stores

Cardboard boxes 

You cannot imagine a relocation without dozens of moving boxes. They are the best moving and packing supplies. There are many reasons for this statement. First, cardboard boxes are sturdy and durable. This means they will be able to withstand harsh conditions. Secondly, they come in different sizes. You can get from the small to extra-large moving boxes. The size depends on the items you plan to pack. In addition to this, cardboard boxes are reusable. You can use cardboard boxes when packing for storage, storing your seasonal clothes and decorations, working in the garden, etc. In addition to this, you can also donate or sell your moving boxes, especially if they are in good condition. You can list the boxes on Craigslist or sell them to your movers. The other option is making a donation. Since people are moving constantly, they need boxes and you can help them. 

The best packing and moving supplies – wrapping and cushioning 

Even though moving boxes are one of the essential packing supplies, you still cannot throw the items in the box, close it, and call it a day. Your items might be protected from the external factors, but you have to think about internal safety as well. You should not overstuff your boxes nor have them touching. Therefore, you should protect your items by using wrapping materials. Usually, people use bubble pack as this is the best choice. However, if you do not have any, you can use old sheets, clothes, blankets, newspapers, and so on. As for cushioning, you should use packing peanuts. Make sure to fill the empty space so your items will not be able to move during the transit. Again, if you do not have any packing peanuts, you can use shredded paper. If you work in an office, it is easy to gather shredded paper.  

bubble wrapping on the black surface
Bubble pack is the best for your items

Supplies to use when moving furniture and appliances 

It is difficult to move your furniture and household appliances. They are large and heavy. In addition to this, some can even be oddly shaped. For this reason, you should disassemble furniture since it will be easier to move them this way. As for moving and packing materials, you will need the following. 

  • Furniture pads – to protect large pieces of furniture. 
  • Dollies and hand trucks – you should not lift and carry heavy pieces since you can injure your back. For this reason, use dollies and hand trucks.  
  • Furniture covers – to keep your furniture clean and even prevent minor damage. 
  • Tools – for a disassembling job. Never do it alone, but rather ask friends and family to help. 
  • Cargo straps or rope – these can help you when loading the truck.  
  • Stretch wrap – when you cannot remove doors from your furniture and appliances, secure them with stretch wraps.  

Small but still the best packing and moving supplies 

The following supplies are actually everyday items you probably have in your home.  

  • A utility knife – to open the boxes. You can save the box for future purposes and not damage your items in the process.  
  • Padlocks – if you rent a moving truck, you can lock it with a padlock. 
  • Gloves – protect your hands when lifting and carrying your boxes.  
  • Plastic bags – for storing small items, such as bolts and screws from your furniture. 
  • Markers – you should label your boxes, especially if you move fragile or valuable items. For this reason, write FRAGILE or THIS WAY UP on the boxes. This way, your movers will know if they need to handle certain boxes with great care. 
  • Packing tape – to seal the boxes. In addition to this, you can also reinforce the boxes by taping around the edges. 
pink gloves
Get a pair of work gloves to protect your hands

Cleaning supplies   

You should clean your items before packing them. The same thing applies when you unpack your boxes. For this reason, here are some cleaning supplies that are good to have around. First, garbage bags. You can use the bags not only for trash but for packing as well. They are perfect for protecting clothes and pillows. Next, you should get buckets and rags for cleaning. Make sure to clean your house before moving out and the new house as well before moving in. Lastly, you should have a broom. Movers will constantly enter your house, thus bringing dust and dirt inside. For this reason, use a broom to sweep the floors.  

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