What can go wrong when renting a storage unit?

Whether moving or simply needing additional space, storage units provide the perfect solution. Being able to rent a unit to pack your items for a short or longer period of time is often seen as a great solution. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when renting a storage unit. When wanting to rent a storage unit, you can either do it from the storage facility or from your professional moving company. In most cases, you will be able to do it directly through the moving company. However, renting a storage unit also means taking care of it. More importantly, it means that one should opt for the right storage solution and make sure everything is okay from time to time. Today, we talk about what can happen if you do not take care of your storage unit.

You have to ensure nothing can go wrong when renting a storage unit

Partially, the facility or company that is renting the unit should provide adequate conditions for your belongings. On the other hand, that does not mean that you should neglect it if you do not use it. Many people often forget to check up on their unit from time to time. If nothing, just to ensure everything is in order and their items are intact.

a man ensuring nothing can go wrong when renting a storage unit by visiting it
Regularly checking on your storage unit is the best way to ensure everything is as it should be

The more you disregard the well-being of the items inside the unit, the more chance there will be for something bad to happen. Whenever deciding to rent a storage unit, like from storage Baltimore, make sure you take all the factors into the account:

  • The location of the unit
  • The overall security of the storage facility
  • Your options with deciding the type of storage
  • Whether or not signing an insurance policy pays off
  • The surroundings of the facility

Why are you the one who should ensure the safety of the unit?

Firstly, the facility staff will not be allowed to enter and check up on your unit for you. Secondly, because you know the best what type of items you store inside. Certain materials and fabrics will often require additional protection or conditions. Just because your items are inside the unit does not mean they do not require maintenance. Often check-up is always advisable in these scenarios. Additionally, if you disregard your items inside the unit, you will not be compensated for their damage. More importantly, because you know your items the best, you are the one who should ensure their safety and longevity. The storage facility can only provide the basics that are agreed upon when signing the contract. Everything in between should be your obligation.

Before you store your items, you will have the option to choose the type of unit you want

Upon signing the contract or striking an agreement with the storage facility, you will have an option to choose between some perks that can come with the unit. For instance, you will be able to choose whether or not you want temperature control, pest control, etc. These are some features that will play a vital part in the longevity of your items. Especially when you plan on storing fragile or valuable items inside.

two men talking as one passes by them inside a storage unit
You can always consult with the storage facility about the best conditions to store your items in

Choosing all the right conditions will ensure nothing can go wrong when renting a storage unit. However, this still means you will have to visit the unit from time to time. If you are moving, and previously stored items in a unit, while moving companies Harford County, MD, deal with your belongings, you can visit the unit to ensure everything is okay.

What can go wrong when renting a storage unit?

Taking precautionary measures is always advisable, whatever you do. When moving, this is always a must. Not only will you have to think ahead. You will also have to expect certain issues to occur from time to time. Of course, it is for the best that they do not happen – but you can never know. When it comes to storage units, there is a lot of the do’s and do not’s of what you can place inside. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common things that can pose an issue when renting a unit.

Storing items that are not for a storage unit

Items like perishable goods, for example, are always something you should avoid storing in a unit. Additionally, you should also avoid storing chemicals, personal heirlooms, plants, etc. These items can often cause damage to other items inside the unit. Especially when you decide to store chemicals that are hazardous. Additionally, anything valuable you have should never be inside a unit for whatever reason. Plants require a lot of care and conditions on daily basis. Storing them inside a cold and dark unit does not count as caring for them.

Pest infestation

Perishable goods, as well as plants, can often attract pests inside the unit. This is the biggest issue you might face if you disregard it. Pests do not only carry infections and other diseases, they can also cause severe damage to your belongings.

a rat eating something on the floor
Pests will always seek shelter if needed and having perishable goods inside the unit will lead them right inside it

For instance, if you plan on storing a mattress, you should make sure that it is well protected and not close to anything that might attract pest. Additionally, a good solution can be to simply elevate your belongings from the floor.

Not providing proper conditions for your items can make things go wrong when renting a storage unit

As we mentioned above, certain items need specific conditions. For instance, storing furniture, wooden materials and appliances will always require climate-controlled units. The temperature regulation will provide adequate conditions for your items to preserve their longevity. When it comes to appliances, the right temperature ensures no mechanical or electrical parts suffer damage while inside.