What to consider when moving temperature-sensitive items?

Relocation is a complex process that needs a lot of planning and preparation. In addition, it really requires a special set of skills that usually only professional movers have. For example, when trying to pack some large or sensitive items. Due to the lack of experience and skills, if we try to do it on our own, we can cause damage. There are many different types of sensitive items. Since these items need special treatment, we always recommend hiring some of the moving companies Maryland. For example, when moving items such as books, kitchen appliances, or some lab machines. These items can be sensitive to weather or transport. If you decide to move during the summer, then you should pay special attention. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks on how you can still manage to do it. In this article, learn everything about moving temperature-sensitive items.

old furniture in the room
There are many temperature-sensitive items around our homes

What are some temperature-sensitive items?

Basically, there is not a universal list of temperature-sensitive items. But we all have some delicate items in our homes that need attention to arrive safely into our new home. This particularly applies to long-distance moves. Take a look around your home and you will see many sensitive items. These are both big and small. For example, you have lots of small pots with plants. Or a big piano. These are sensitive to temperature changes. If you are not sure about the sensitive items, consult residential movers Baltimore. In addition, if you need to move your office, there are many items in your office that can suffer damage. Here we will list some of the most common sensitive items:

  • old furniture
  • musical instruments
  • electronics
  • books
  • kitchen appliances
  • many different wooden items
  • medications
  • documentation
  • home plants
  • paintings and photographs
  • come types of jewelry
  • some designer clothes and shoes

Packing and moving temperature-sensitive items with professional packers

Now that we know some of the most common types of sensitive items, we will learn how to pack them properly. This is a crucial part of the moving process.

a man folding a cardboard box
Professional packers can help with moving temperature-sensitive items

Using the right packing materials means fewer chances of any damage. In addition, depending on the season you decide to move, it can also affect your items. If moving during summer high temperature and humidity can damage your goods. In cases like this, where you do not have enough packing experience, maybe you can hire professional packers. But in that case, in order to choose reliable packers do a little research. Ask your movers what kind of tools and packing materials they plan to use. Also, ask them do they have a climate-controlled vehicle. In addition, ask them about the safety rules and regulations. Finally, check if they offer any moving insurance in case of damages.

If you decide to pack temperature-sensitive items on your own

Another option for moving sensitive items is to pack them yourself. In that case, you will need to get the right packing materials. For example, when moving perishables, getting a portable fridge and boxes of ice will do. In this fridge, the food can survive up to 10 hours.

Ice cream on ice
Keep the coolness of your food and other sensitive items

Moving sensitive items means keeping the temperature in the container constant. That literally means coolness in and heat out. In addition, if you decide to move on a rough weather day, you must take extra precautions. Styrofoam and foam are useful to absorb moisture. Metal containers are good for transporting different kinds of liquids. For storing your art, for example, you can use some thermal wrapping. For documentation and books, you can use different kinds of climate-controlled racks and boxes.

Using climate-controlled storage units

Using this kind of unit can provide the best protection. In addition, your items will not suffer any damage. Practically, your items will still be the same as at the time you left them there. Also, think about the location of your storage. If you will need to use the items from the storage unit more often, then it has to be close to your home. This type of storage can be pricey. On the other hand, using this type of storage will help you keep the good shape of your goods. In addition, you need to make sure to cover the items with the proper type of cover. This cover should neither heat nor cool the items. The temperature has to be constant. If you are not sure about the rules of moving temperature-sensitive items, consult with the facility manager. They will guide you through the process.

Moving temperature-sensitive items such as certain plants

Packing and moving plants is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you have some rare, exotic plants. These are definitely on the list of the most sensitive items for transportation. When you need to pack and transport plants always double-check with your movers if they have the option for transporting them. Your plants will most probably need a climate-controlled moving vehicle. In addition, you must learn something as well. It would be great to read about how to take care of your plants during moving preparation. Use wooden crates to pack them properly. Wood will keep the necessary temperature conditions. Also, inform yourself about the type of soil you need to use in the transport. In addition, you can put some plants in the climate-controlled unit. Some plants do not like moving. Therefore, make sure to provide enough water, sunshine, and soil to keep them fresh.

Moving temperature-sensitive items is not easy but still not an impossible task to finish. First, you will need to learn what are some basic sensitive items in your home that need special care. Then you can start moving preparation of them. You can either opt for professional packing services or pack the items yourself. If you hire professional packers, then they will finish all the hard parts for you. On the other hand, if you will pack the items yourself, then you will need proper packing materials. Caution is the word to bear in mind when you need to handle all this properly.

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