What to do if Harford County movers are late?

Moving is all about schedules. You have to find reputable moving companies Harford County MD on time, make a packing schedule, try to finish all moving tasks on time. It is amazing if you complete everything according to the plan. However, what about movers? What to do if your Harford County movers are late? This would certainly hinder your plans and schedule. For this reason, let’s see what you should do in this situation. 

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What should you do when your movers are late?

Harford County movers late for the pickup 

Here is a step by step guide. 

  • Stay calm – first things first, do not panic. It will be worse if you panic and create a stressful situation.  
  • Contact the head office of moving company Baltimore – call your moving company immediately. You should already have the number. If not, find it on their official website. 
  • Get information – once you get in touch with movers, politely ask why your movers are late. The head office should contact the movers to see what is causing the delay. 
  • Use the time wisely – if movers will arrive, use this time to double-check everything. See if your boxes are properly sealed and labeled and whether you packed everything or not. 
  • Movers do not show up – this can be tricky. If you paid the deposit, then you will lose money. However, if you did not pay for anything in advance, start looking for new movers. 

Movers are late for delivery 

Now onto the next scenario. It is worse when movers are late for delivery as your items are in their possession. However, it is still better to remain calm. 

  • Contact movers, again – it is only logical to contact movers or the head office. Keep trying to contact them until they answer your call. 
  • Use the time wisely, again – if the head office informs you about the delay, then use your time wisely. Clean your new home.  
  • Waiting for a day or two – spend a night in a hotel or a friend’s house if you do not have a bed in your new home. 
  • Cannot contact movers – then call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can find their contact info on their official page. 
  • Demanding more money – if movers demand more money, ransom money, call the FMCSA again. 
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Do something useful while you wait for movers

The reasons why movers might be late 

Movers should not be late. Even if they are late, movers should call you and explain the situation. However, fraudulent movers will leave you waiting. Therefore, make sure to only hire reputable movers. As for reasons, they can countless. If you live in a large city, traffic can be a problem. Sometimes movers can have a flat tire, they are low on gas, some roads are blocked due to constriction, the weather is awful, etc. Whatever the reason might be, do not panic. Calmly contact the head office and follow their instructions. If movers are a couple of hours late, then you might receive a discount.