What to do in Baltimore as a newcomer

Moving to a new city is always exciting. Of course, the relocation experience on its own might be difficult and daunting. There will be a lot of things to focus on and finish before the moving day. Luckily, you can always contact moving companies in Maryland to help you with the relocation process. Apart from that, as you move into a new city, you will have a variety of activities to enjoy and things to see. Once you settle down and unpack all of your belongings, relax for a while before you jump into different activities. Today, we talk about things to do in Baltimore as a newcomer. Eclectic neighbourhoods and a variety of different leisure activities await you and everyone who wants to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Before we talk about things to do in Baltimore as a newcomer

The city of Baltimore is a perfect city for artists, dreamers, adventurers and explorers. It was designated in 1851. and ever since then, it became the largest independent city in the United States. The city is located in the state of Maryland and counts about 600.000 residents. However, the Baltimore metropolitan area has over 2 million people living in it. The Piedmont Plateau, alongside the Atlantic coastal plain separate the city into the upper and lower city.

a panoramic view of Inner Harbor in Baltimore
The city of Baltimore has a rich history and is one of the biggest independent cities in the US

All of this just compliments the city and everything one might find in it. Additionally, it is no wonder that many people often find what they are looking for and much more than that. So, feel free to indulge yourself in the adventurous and eclectic spirit of the city and enjoy every square of it.

First and foremost – Settle in

The first thing you should do upon your arrival in the city is settled in. The city itself is not going to run anywhere. In addition, as most relocation processes are quite exhausting, you will probably require some rest. Moreover, if you did not have the time to de-clutter before the relocation this might be a good time to opt for storage Baltimore services. Separate the items you are not using or are extra in your new home and place them inside a storage unit. Devote some time after you move in to clean your home and finish everything around the house. Unpack everything, put the items in their place. Use an extra day or two to relax and restore your energy. Once your home is done, you can indulge in some other activities.

Explore your neighbourhood and meet the neighbours

Get to know your neighbourhood first. Go for a stroll around it and see where are local shops, markets, restaurants, bars, etc. This is something you will need on a regular basis. Moreover, you might find some other places nearby that you might enjoy. Whenever you are moving to a new area, you should always introduce yourself to the neighbourhood. Moreover, if you are moving to Baltimore County as a young professional – meeting your new neighbours might benefit you.

a birds eye view of a neighbourhood as the best place to find out what to do in Baltimore as a newcomer
Make sure you get to know the neighbours as they can give you useful tips

Get to know your neighbours as well and even invite them for a hot beverage. They can point out the things you should be aware of and share some useful tips. When you want to find out what to do in Baltimore as a newcomer, you should start from your neighbourhood.

Things to do in Baltimore as a newcomer: Learn about the history

If you want to find history – look no further than Baltimore. You can find a variety of different historical museums and attractions. For instance, you can visit the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, which portrays the contribution of African-American people in the United States. You can find 150 wax figures of the most influential people of colour and enjoy more than 400 years of black impact on American culture. Additionally, you can visit the Baltimore Museum of Art that presents many different artists and artistic takes throughout history. Moreover, you can also visit Walters Art Museum, American Visionary Museum, etc. Baltimore is a place full of history and it is waiting for you to explore it.

Visit Everyman Theatre

If you are looking to elevate yourself on a more cultural level – there is no better place than Everyman Theatre. A quality theatre experience with reasonable and affordable ticket prices is available to anyone. Whether you are living in Baltimore or just passing through. Entertaining and transformative plays, both classical and new, will captivate anyone who enjoys theatres and plays in general. So, if you are someone who enjoys such activities, this is a great place for you.

Do you like literature? Then you have to visit Edgar Allan Poe’s House and Museum!

Are you into literature and love classical writings such as Edgar Allan Poe’s work? Luckily, the city of Baltimore will allow you to walk in his footsteps and visit some of the most iconic places he spent time in.

a red book on white sheets
Visit and follow the footsteps of a great artist

For instance, you can enjoy a visit to Poe’s house, or at least where he was living for a portion of his life, which is now a museum. Apart from that, you can also visit his favourite pub in the area. Edgar Allan Poe is surely a person that sparks a lot of interest and his story is something everyone should know.

You will never have to worry about running out of things to do in Baltimore as a newcomer

Baltimore will never be boring for tourists and people who live there. The city can confidently boast its rich history and that is one of the pros and cons of moving to Baltimore you should consider. Whether you enjoy nature and doing sports activities or going to the theatre, Baltimore will have something for you. The city is truly rich in every cultural aspect and is definitely a place where you will find fun wherever you go.

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