What to do one week before moving day?

When you need to move, it seems like you have too many things to do and not enough time. In order to get everything done on time, you should make a moving checklist. When should you start your moving preparation? This depends on whether your move is a local or a long-distance one. In addition to this, you need to decide how many items you will bring to your new home. When you take into account the distance and the size of your household, then you can decide when to start. Usually, you need to begin preparing for your move at least two months in advance. Since you will feel more stressed as your moving day approaches, here are all the things to do one week before moving day. 

Prepare your items one week before moving day 

By now, you should have gathered all the necessary packing supplies for your items. These packing supplies include the following. 

  • moving boxes in all sizes and shapes 
  • protective materials such as bubble wrapping, sheets, blankets, your old clothes, and so on 
  • packing peanuts 
  • tape 
  • moving blankets 
  • plastic bins 
  • labels 

Once you have all the packing supplies, it is time to prepare your belongings for the travel. This means washing and cleaning your items. You should not put your dirty items inside a box. The reason is simple. Your items might get damaged during the transport or they might cause damage to other items inside the box. For this reason, make sure to wash your clothes and clean other pieces of your furniture. In addition to this, you should not put wet items inside the box. 

person packing one week before moving day
Get all the packing supplies for your items

Make an essential box 

What is an essential box? This is where you need to put all the necessary things to survive for the first couple of days in your empty new house. You don’t have to use a box, you can also use a bag. What should one essential box include? It is up to you as you can put all the things you find important. However, usually, people include the following things, medication, change of quotes, charges for your electronic devices, some sheets, toiletries, food, and so on. Even if you’re just moving to the next neighborhood with local movers MD, you should still pack one essential box. Additionally, if you’re moving with children, you need to pack toys for them. The same applies if you’re moving with your pets. You need to make sure your pets are eating properly and drinking enough water. 

Disassemble your furniture one week before moving day 

You should start slowly finishing up your packing. Since movers Baltimore will arrive soon to pick up your items, you need to have them all ready for the transport. You should start packing small items first. Once you have them packed in the boxes, it is time to deal with your large and heavy pieces of furniture. You need to disassemble your furniture. Since this is quite a difficult task for one person to do, you should ask your friends and family to help you. Find manuals or look up tutorials on the Internet on how to disassemble certain pieces of furniture. In addition to this, prepare all necessary tools and packing supplies. Once you this disassemble your table, put small bolts and screws into one plastic bag. Then, make sure you label that same bag so you will not lose any small parts of your furniture. 

bookshelf against the wall
You should disassemble your bookshelf before your moving day

Take care of your bank account 

If you are moving to a new state or even internationally, you need to notify your bank. When you are moving to a new state, you can probably continue using the same bank. However, you have to change the address in your official documents. If you are moving internationally, you might need to close your bank account completely. You can also ask bank employees about using their services abroad and whether this would cost something. Then, it is time to cancel your utilities and subscriptions. This would include magazine subscriptions, the Internet, Cable TV, and similar. You can also transfer your utilities to your new address. Then make sure that everything is paid, especially your rent, so you do not want to pay any penalty fees. In addition to this, you should make arrangements with your landlord about your moving day. 

Confirm the movers one week before moving day  

You need to get in touch with your moving company as well. Together with your movers, you should go over your plan again. See when your movers will arrive at your house. This is important because you might need to book a parking space for your movers. If you are living in a building, you might need to make a reservation for the elevator as well. In addition to this, see if you need to prepare anything special for your movers. This is a great way to avoid paying additional fees. Apart from this, you should go over your boxes and items again. Make sure that everything is packed well. Then, you can also label your boxes. This is especially important if you’re moving fragile or valuable items. You can use an ordinary black marker and just write down Fragile or some other adjective on the box. 

man talking on the phone
Call your movers and confirm their arrival

The last set of things to do  

Lastly, you should also notify your neighbors if you’re living in the building. Since you will make a lot of noise, your neighbors should know in advance about your plans. In addition to this, if you are moving with your children, you should find a person who will look after them on a moving day. You can also find someone who will take care of your pets. Your kids and pets can get injured. For this reason, make sure they are in a safe place. You can also organize a farewell party if you have time. 

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