What to do with moving boxes after the move?

Your move is finally over. Now you can relax, wait for Allstate Moving and Storage to deliver your items, slowly start unpacking your items and decorating your new place. However, once you unpack everything, you will have dozens of moving boxes lying around your place. The moving-related tasks seem never-ending. What should you do with moving boxes after the move? Start with dividing them into four categories – to keep, sell, donate, and recycle. Then, here are 7 or so tips on how to deal with your leftover moving boxes. 

brown gift box on white surface
Use leftover moving boxes for wrapping gifts

Keep your boxes for future use 

Are you completely sure you will not be moving in the future? You can always break a couple of moving boxes down and store them for your next move. This is especially applicable to people who move frequently. Why waste time looking for packing supplies when you already have them from the previous move? The same thing applies to a moving company. If you are satisfied with moving services Baltimore that you used before, hire them again. For this reason, flatten out your moving boxes. Make sure to keep your boxes away from direct sunlight or moisture. In addition to this, you can place the boxes in plastic bags for better protection. Cardboard attracts mice and other rodents so you need to keep the cardboard boxes safe. This especially applies if you are going to store the boxes in your garage, attic or basement.  

Use moving boxes after the move for your storage or DIY home projects 

If you plan to rent a storage unit, you should protect your items by putting them inside the boxes. Since you already have boxes from your move, you can reuse them. Make sure to label your boxes again if you change the contents. Additionally, be careful when you are organizing your unit. Place the heavier boxes at the bottom while the lighter ones should go on the top. Apart from this, you can use leftover boxes for DIY home projects. For example, you can use small boxes for gifts. The cardboard is great for floor protection. You can use cardboard when you paint your walls, clean your house, work in the garden, change the oil of your car, and similar. Also, you can make a dollhouse with your children, or a cardboard caste. Be creative and you paint your creation so your kids can play with it later. 

use your moving boxes after the move for storage
If you plan to use a storage unit, use your moving boxes

Sell your boxes 

There are many places where you can sell your moving boxes after the move. However, make sure they are in good condition. 

  • Ask your movers to buy the boxes – since movers always need moving boxes for their next customers, you can ask them to buy them. It is a good way to get rid of unnecessary boxes while making some profit out of it. 
  • Box Cycle – BoxCycle is a website where you can list your boxes for sale. The website does everything else, from handling sale details to finding customers. It is free to list your boxes. However, you will pay a commission if the sale is finalized. 
  • Craigslist – one of the most popular websites for selling items, moving boxes included. 
  • U-Haul Box Exchange – you can sell or even exchange moving supplies with the other people.  
  • Facebook groups – you can always list your boxes in the local FB groups. 

Donate or give away moving boxes after the move 

Apart from selling your boxes, you can always donate or give away them. First, see if your friends and family need some moving boxes. Maybe some of them are moving house as well, so they need moving boxes for their belongings. In addition to this, they might need a couple of boxes for some other purposes named below. Next, you can use Craigslist again. Here you can sell and give away moving boxes for free. The same applies to U-Haul Box Exchange. You choose if you want to sell it for free or for a price. Next, you can join the Freecycle Network for free, list your boxes for free, and sell them for free. Also, you can do it the old-fashioned way by leaving your boxes on the curb. You can add the sign that says FREE BOXES, so people will know it is okay to take them. 

Recycle it! 

By now, you should know how important it is to recycle. You should recycle only the boxes that are in bad shape or cannot be reused for some reason. First, contact your moving company Virginia to see if they participate in some recycling program. Keep in mind that most of these recycling programs are free. If this is not an option for you, then toss your boxes into special recycling bins. Usually, the recycling bins for cardboard and paper are blue. The waste disposal service will pick the boxes and take them away to recycle. Again, if you do not have these bins in the neighborhood, you can take boxes to a local recycling center. Search for the ones in your neighborhood. Contact them to see if you can bring yours. You should break down all the boxes for recycling and load them in your car.  

white cat in orange box
Your cats will love to play with the moving boxes

Use the moving boxes after the move for your pets 

If you have a cat, then you know how much cats like to play with boxes. For this reason, leave a few so your cats can enjoy. In addition to this, you can make a bed for your pet. You can paint the box and put some cushions inside. Your pet will surely love it. Next, you can use one box for storing your pet’s items. When it is time for a walk, grab a leash from the box. It is perfect for an organization. Therefore, these would be all the ways to use moving boxes after the move. Do not throw them away, but rather, find a purpose.  

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