What to expect after moving from Frederick to Owings Mills

More often than not, relocating is a stressful and complicated experience. However, what comes after can be just as hard, so knowing what to expect after moving from Frederick to Owings Mills will make your life much easier. Luckily, movers in Maryland are always ready to help. We will present you with some basic knowledge about your future home. Regardless of your moving location, it’s important to do your research. Let’s jump straight into it.

About Owings Mills

Owings Mills in Baltimore County is home to 35,081 people and for many, it’s one of the best places to live in Maryland. When relocating from Frederick to Owings Mills, dissimilarities quickly become apparent.  Although, their proximity makes some of their differences less important. When it comes to lifestyle, Owings Mills is a great suburb that adds a sprinkle of an urban feel. There are loads of beautiful houses, stores of various sizes, restaurants, parks and much more. It’s a very open and diverse community. Also, it’s quiet and peaceful, with many friendly faces all over the place.

A beautiful building located in the suburb of Baltimore
Beautiful buildings are scattered around the streets of Baltimore and its suburbs.

What you may be used to in Frederick

Founded in 1975, Frederick is the second-largest incorporated city in Maryland. However, with a population of 78,171 people, it’s still dwarfed by Baltimore. It’s located close to both Baltimore and Washington. There, many Frederick residents commute to work. Frederick is double in size compared to Owings Mills. It’s then no surprise that it offers more of an urban feel to its residents. But if that’s not for you, contact movers Frederick MD and you can find yourself in a new home in Owings Mills in no time.

Pros and cons of moving from Frederick to Owings Mills

Naturally, you’ll find some good and some not as good things in every town or city. When it comes to Owings Mills, you can expect much more than what the average suburbs have to offer. Before you decide if Owings Mills is for you, let’s cover some of the advantages and shortcomings:

  • Close proximity to Baltimore
  • Solid economy
  • Great for families
  • Very diverse population
  • Many recreation options
  • A bit higher crime rate
  • Somewhat lower median income
  • Cost of moving from Frederick to Owings Mills

A great location

Some 34 miles to the east of Frederick lies Owings Mills. Approximately, that’s a 48-minute drive. Of course, this means that friends and family that live there are within reach. Furthermore, visiting them on the weekends will cost you only around $10 in gas. If you want to save some cash and relocate on your own, such a small distance between the two towns will also make it much easier. When it comes to Owings Mills, its proximity to Baltimore is one of its biggest assets.  The town is connected to Baltimore via Owings Mills station, a stop of the Baltimore Metro Subway.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Owings Mills. Outdoors lovers can enjoy the Soldier’s Delight Natural Environmental Area with seven miles of marked hiking trails. It boasts more than 39 rare, threatened, or endangered species of plants. If spending time in nature isn’t your thing, you may find a great selection of places where you can eat, drink, and socialize. Football fans will be thrilled to know that Owings Mills is the home of the Baltimore Ravens’ practice facility. It also hosts the team’s training camp. There’s always a chance of running into NFL players around town. Hubert V. Simmons Museum of Negro League Baseball is also located in Owings Mills.

Hiking trail in a forest filled with green trees and grass.
Hiking in the Soldier’s Delight Natural Environmental Area is a great way to connect with nature.

About the economy

Owings Mills is home to many office buildings, numerous malls, parks, coffee shops, etc. Also, there are good housing options for people of all incomes and more than half of the residents rent their homes. Owings Mills has seen the job market increase by around 0.7% over the last year. Regarding the unemployment rate, it’s identical to the US average of 6%. Tax rates are reasonable. However, where Owings Mills isn’t average is the income. The average income of a resident is $34,577 a year, compared to the US average of $28,555 a year. Further, the median household income is $71,153, which is much higher than the country average of $53,482 a year.

Local demographics

Statistically, most of the people living in Owings Mills are African American, followed by people of White, Asian and Hispanic origins. Being very diverse, it enjoys a moderately liberal political climate. In Owings Mills, the median age of 32.6 years confirms the fact that many young people and families live there.

Crime and safety

Unfortunately, one of the things where Owings Mills falls behind some places in Maryland is the crime rate. Its residents have a 1 in 54 chance to be a crime victim, mostly of theft. However, numbers don’t tell the whole picture. Generally, most crime is concentrated on the west side. The northeast part of the city is the safest, where you have a 1 in 66 chance of being a victim. This number is almost identical to the statistics in Frederick.

Moving costs when relocating from Frederick to Owings Mills

If you decide that relocating from Frederick to Owings Mills is right for you, you might need to hire a moving company. On average, such a service will set you back $694 in Frederick. In Owings Mills, a similar service will cost you much lower $397 but, of course, not every company is the same. To get the most bang for your buck, call movers Owings Mills MD. We will make your move a reality in an efficient, reliable way.

Moving company truck moving from Frederick to Owings Mills.
Movers are of great help during and after moving from Frederick to Owings Mills.

Contact us if you’re moving from Frederick to Owings Mills

By now, you should have a good idea of what to expect when moving from Frederick to Owings Mills. If you need any further information, give our movers in Baltimore County a call. We will answer all your questions and guide you during and after your relocation. Also, we offer you an exciting moving experience, as painless and simple as possible.

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