What to pack in large moving boxes?

Moving is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. You must organize packing, decluttering, your budget, legalities, and search for moving companies in Maryland. It won’t be easy without a proper plan. And what will take most of your time is the packing endeavor. Therefore, we will help you today by covering one of the crucial packing steps. Let us see what to pack in large moving boxes and how to do it.

Organize your move first

Before we begin with the packing process, you must be sure that your relocation is organized and ready for moving day. Firstly, you must set a moving date guided by your busy schedule. Then, inspect all your belongings and areas of your home to figure out the complexity of the move. More importantly, by evaluating your cargo, you’ll have an easier time calculating moving costs. And finally, once you have all those details, you should find and contact your Virginia local movers. Figure out the best way to handle your moving project and utilize free onsite estimates movers provide. This way you’ll have an easier time working out on the moving logistics.

Planner with a calendar on it
Organize your move like a pro.

Keep in mind that you cant do this alone. Especially if you have a bigger family and a big cargo to carry over. Therefore, this is where a moving company steps in. Check on all the moving services they offer and figure out what is best for you. Movers can bring packing materials, pack, unpack, and relocate. Also, they offer special moving services and other solutions. The most popular one is renting storage in Virginia. If you have no space to fit all your possessions in your new apartment, this is an ultimate solution. Communicate all the details with your moving representative and get this show on the road.

Where to obtain your moving boxes?

You can find your moving boxes in many places. We already mentioned that a moving company is a viable way to obtain moving boxes. You can purchase all the packing materials and have them brought over to your home. Next would be to check online. You can order straight from the hardware stores that offer free shipping. Or purchase already used boxes on Craigslist. Also, you should know that people offer free moving boxes on various websites. They do not need them after moving and they can’t be bothered to sell, so they donate in good faith. You can use the opportunity if you are ok with this option.

Then, you can check one of the rental companies. If you wish so, you can rent a truck, tools, packing materials, and of course, moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. And finally, visit your local hardware store or a home depot and purchase all the moving boxes you like. Bring them over to your home and start packing!

Boxes you should obtain

There are all kinds of moving boxes available. And you should know that each box has a purpose and a safety limit. Smaller boxes are meant to be used for single items or a bunch of smaller pieces. Medium-sized boxes are best used for packing the kitchen and heavier items like books and appliances. And big boxes that can hold anything you like. Even if it seems that they can hold a lot just because they are big, it is not the case. Large moving boxes have a 50 pounds safety limit and if you overstuff them they will easily break. So, guided by your packing plan and stuff you possess, obtain the adequate number that will cover all your needs. Pack lightly and with purpose and you’ll avoid moving day mishaps and unpleasantries.

A man packing moving box
Pack your moving boxes the right way. Do not go over the safety limit.

What to pack in large moving boxes?

There are countless items you can pack in large moving boxes. But we will try to sort them into categories and cover most of them. You will have an easier time packing if you consider the following:

  • Lighter objects – All cushiony items like pillows, blankets, towels, sheets, etc.
  • Clothing – Fold and pack all your shirts, coats, jackets, pants, scarves, belts, etc. But if you possess expensive and delicate pieces, use on coat hangers and transport them individually.
  • Shoes – You should do the same here. Pack all your valuable shoes in their original boxes while the rest can be paired and bulked in one large box. Shoes are light but hard to pack due to their shape.
  • Appliances – Any appliance that is light but funky in shape or size. For example, lamps, blenders, toasters, and more. Use the original box if you still have it. If not, a large moving box is perfect for this occasion.
  • Toys – Your children’s real-sized teddy bear will fit perfectly in a large moving box. All other toys are welcome as well.
  • Robust items – Cooking pots and skillets are notorious for taking too much space wherever you put them. Those are for sure items to pack in large moving boxes. Also, all other big and robust light in weight items you have in your household.

How to pack in large moving boxes and keep the content safe?

You should pack in due time. It is one of the things to do one week before moving. But do not leave it for the very last day. Pack gradually and carefully. There is a way of packing items inside your boxes to keep them safe during transport. You do not want to end up with a bunch of broken items because you packed in a hurry. Therefore, obtain a higher quality packing tape, cushion, moving boxes, and labels. Start by making a nest inside the box using a blister pack or any cushion you have at home. A great substitution is t-shirts, kitchen cloth, towels, sheets, etc. Moreover, it is another way to transport your cloth and make them useful at the same time. Next, fill your box with the content. If you are packing pottery or other fragile items, use packing paper and wrap each item individually.

pack in large moving boxes only the lighter things like pillows and sheets
Pack items in appropriately sized boxes. Bigger but lighter items go into the larger box.

Once your box is full, close it, apply several layers of packing tape and label each box with the content inside. This will raise the awareness and you will have a much easier time unpacking and sorting your stuff out. And remember, do not overstuff your boxes. You can fill your box but keep it within the limits.

Now you know what to pack in large moving boxes and how to do it. Make sure you inspect all your belongings before you begin. With a carefully laid-out packing plan, you cant make mistakes. Good luck and have a safe journey.