Who to notify when moving to Columbia MD?

Now, you’ve made your decision to move to Columbia, MD. You are researching movers in Columbia, MD, making checklists of things to pack, preparing yourself for the move, but have you considered who to notify when moving to Columbia MD? Columbia is a city in Maryland with a suburban feel to it. The population is just over 100,000 people and it is a very family-friendly community. It is located near Baltimore, in Howard County and it is only 40 miles from Washington, D.C. There are many moving companies in Maryland, so make sure you choose a reliable one to make this move an easy one. Even though knowing who to notify is an important aspect of every move, it is easily overlooked.

When moving to Columbia MD, notify HR at your place of work

First things first, you need to notify HR at your place of work. You can do this via email, in person, or simply make a phone call. They will need to know that you are moving so that all the paperwork they might send you goes to the right address. There are many things to do one week before the move so make sure you notify your company on time.

Notify your friends and family

Some of the people close to you will most probably be involved in your move process, so they will be aware of your new location. However, others might end up sending letters, parcels, or Christmas cards to your old address. This can be easily prevented if you simply notify them when moving to Columbia, MD.

Notify your utility service providers

Make sure you notify all the utilities and service providers that you have a contract with. This includes gas and electric service providers at the top of the list. You definitely don’t want to move into a dark or cold house or apartment.


A man on the phone while looking at his laptop
Don’t forget your utility service providers when you think about who to notify when moving to Columbia, MD

Furthermore, think about some other utilities you might be using, like water, recycling, or garbage disposal. Next, your phone, internet, and cable companies will also need to know your new address.

Notify the financial institutions you do business with

You probably have an account in one or more banks, you might also have a loan or a credit card. When you decide to move to Howard County, update your address on time so that all your bills and reports can come straight to you. This will prevent any complications in your life because these items can contain some sensitive information about you.

A man on the phone creating a list of who to notify when moving to Columbia MD
Make sure you notify the financial institutions you do business with

Online shopping websites

Now, let’s not forget about websites and apps where you do your online shopping. You definitely want to have your address updated there so all your online orders come to your new location. Speaking of shopping, think about moving insurance to protect your new items during the move.

Notify the post office when moving to Columbia MD

You can fill out a form for a permanent or temporary address change. This is something you can do in person or online, and your mail will start being forwarded within 3 working days. Some of the forwarding services are free and others come with a fee. However, this seems to be the perfect solution until you have the time to update your new address in all the places we mentioned above.

We hope that you found this list of who to notify when moving to Columbia, MD helpful so that now you can focus on choosing the right movers in Columbia to make your move as easy as possible.