How to befriend your new neighbors after a move?

Moving is like a new start in life, especially if you are moving far away from your old home. This means a new house, a new city, and new neighbors. As you might know, your relocation is not over when movers in Laurel MD deliver your items. Post-move adjustment is as important as the move itself. Basically, you are going to be like a new kid at the school in your neighborhood. Since it can be quite lonely after the relocation, you should get to know your neighbors. For this reason, here are all the ways you can befriend your new neighbors after a move. 

Be the first one to make the initial contact 

Since you are the new kid on the block, you should be the one who makes the first move. Having said this, some people are friendly and welcoming. Therefore, your new neighbors might surprise you and introduce themselves first. Still, to show you are well-mannered, you should approach your neighbors to introduce yourself. Most neighbors are either too busy with their own problems and life to think about your move. In addition to this, some people are naturally shy and introverted. Therefore, they do not want to approach you, believing they might be in the way. Whatever the case might be, you can use meeting your neighbors as an excuse for taking a break from unpacking the boxes. You do not have to do anything fancy. If you see an appropriate moment, say hello to your neighbors. If they respond with a smile, then elaborate your story. 

befriend your new neighbors after a move by talking to them while sitting on concrete bench
Don’t be shy and say hello to your new neighbors.

Befriend your new neighbors after a move by organizing a housewarming party 

What is the best thing to do after your moving company Baltimore delivers your items? It is time to party. You do not have to worry about organizing a real party. After you unpack your boxes and make your new place pretty, you should meet your new neighbors. In addition to this, it would be lovely if you can invite your friends and family over to see your new place and neighborhood. Therefore, the party is the best solution. Again, it does not have to be anything fancy and grandiose. A casual garden party is more than enough if the weather allows it. For example, you can buy some drinks with appetizers. If you want to show off your cooking skills, you are more than welcome. As for inviting your neighbors, it would be best to invite them directly. Introduce yourself and invite them over.  

Get all the important info from your neighbors 

As mentioned, you should strike an informal conversation with your new neighbors. However, do not make the conversation awkward. Start with a simple hello, and then add “how are you” question. Do not forget to smile since people will not feel comfortable if you look grumpy or angry. Then, try to ask more questions if you think they will respond. It would smart to ask questions about the neighborhood. For example, about the best parks for children, stores for food, restaurants, and so on. If you are moving with pets, then you can ask about vets in the area if you that they also have a pet. Most people like to help, especially if the newcomers are interested in their neighborhood. Therefore, do not forget to polite and smile 

a woman walking their dog
Get to know your neighbors when taking your talk for a walk

Befriend your new neighbors after a move by helping and having things in common 

Similar to the previous entry, you should find something in common with your neighbors. For example, go for a walk with your dog. Maybe you will meet your new neighbors walking their dogs. Since your furry pets will want to say hello, humans should too. Strike up a conversation about your pets. People can go on and on about their dogs. This is a perfect way to befriend your new neighbors after a move. Apart from pets, children are also great ice-breakers. You can even find friends for your kids. In addition to this, you should offer help if you can. For example, help your neighbors to carry heavy grocery bags or take their mail if they are not home. You can also ask for help and then treat them with drinks and lunch. In other words, you should get to know your new neighbors.  

More ways how to fit in your new community 

Here are even more ways to meet your neighbors. 

  • Explore your community – you should take a walk around your neighborhood, explore it, join some clubs, gyms, etc. 
  • Compliment your neighbors – you do not have to complement their physical appearance, but rather their flowers, garden, etc. 
  • Exchange Emergency Phone Numbers – for your safety, it would be wise to exchange phone numbers with your neighbors.  
  • Use your connection – luckily, it is a world of social media. Therefore, do some research. See if you have some acquittances living in your new city or if your friends have acquittances. This way, you will at least know one person in your new city. 
  • Make future plans – when casually chatting with your neighbors, make plans, such as having lunch, making the BBQ in the backyard, etc. 
  • Visit popular places – you can use Yelp and visit popular places in your neighbor thus meeting new people. 
a woman drinking wine
You can organize a casual garden party

Befriend your new neighbors after a move by being a good person and a neighbor 

Meeting your new neighbors is not nuclear physics. Just on the contrary, it is pretty simple. Meeting new people can be challenging for introverts, but it should not be difficult. Smiling to your neighbor and saying hi are signs of a good person. All people love to welcome a bright and polite new person to their community. Lastly, after the move, you will feel lonely or anxious because you suddenly live in a strange place. Hanging out with people will help you with anxiety and you will grow to love your new home faster.  

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